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Oct 2006 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – Galileo update

Galileo – the European Programme for Global Navigation Services for civil purposes is an initiative led by European Union. We provide regular updates to our readers on the Galileo programme.
EU and the Republic of Korea seal their agreement

During the EU/South Korea summit held in Helsinki, the two parties formally signed an agreement on cooperation on the European satellite radio navigation programme GALILEO. The agreement provides for numerous areas of co-operation, including cooperative activities in the areas of scientific research and training, industrial cooperation, trade and market development, standards, certification and regulatory measures.

SSC gets GALILEO RF license

The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), a developer of satellites, subsystems and experiments for sounding rockets as well as airborne systems for maritime surveillance is the first space company in the world to receive a long-term Radio Frequency S-band license for GALILEO. The license was applied on behalf of ESA and granted by the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency and will last until

New Czech government interested in Galileo navigation system

The new Czech government will seek the location of the headquarters of the European Satellite Navigation System Galileo in the Czech Republic, Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek told journalists after a cabinet meeting. “It is necessary to send our offer to the European Commission,” Topolanek said, adding that the new government would continue the efforts of the previous cabinet aimed at Czech participation in the European project.

Software simulates EU satellite system

Siemens researchers have developed simulation software that can test the
precision of Galileo. Developed at Siemens’ Roke Manor research centre n southern England, the software is based on the signals to be transmitted by Galileo and includes GPS. This makes it possible to calculate whether a receiver can also detect navigation signals under unfavourable conditions. By analysing blueprint plans and ground plans of buildings as well as satellite and aerial photographs of cities, the software accurately forecasts signal strength and expected measurement errors.

GALILEO test satellite delayed

GALILEO is experiencing delays, with the launch of the second test satellite, GIOVE-B, set back several months. “The launch is now planned for spring 2007,” the spokesman for Galileo Industries was quoted by the Financial Times Deutschland. Initially planned for spring of 2006, the launch of the GIOVE-B test satellite had already been postponed until this autumn.

MEPs call for creative solutions

In adopting a joint resolution on the Galileo programme, Member of European Parliament (MEPs) call on the Commission to assess what modifications in legal and procedural regulations could be made in order to ensure the continuous progress of the project. The House points out that this does not imply reducing the competences and responsibilities of institutions, but may mean the application of solutions that are more creative and more appropriate to the objectives of the programme. MEPs acknowledge the new updated timetable and calls on the Commission to comply with it and to enforce compliance; together with the approval of the concession contract, asks to be informed about the additional costs resulting from the delay.


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