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Integration of GPS Flight Tracking into Aviation Management SaaS

Trindigo has integrated Blue Sky Network’s GPS tracking and automated flight following technology into Blue Sky aviation management suite. It will enable continuous monitoring location of flights within Trindigo’s web-based solution using Blue Sky’s near real-time GPS data.

SpatialKey On-Demand Software

SpatialKey have released SpatialKey On- Demand software that enables decision makers to create and share map-based, interactive analyses and reports. It is an easy-to-use, software as a service (SaaS) enterprise solution.

Fleet Management Telematics Device

Digi International introduced the ConnectPort X5 family of compact, ruggedized telematics devices. It is the industry’s first family of telematics devices to incorporate cellular, satellite, GPS, Wi-Fi and vehicle area network (VAN) wireless technology in one device. Ideal for fleet management and asset tracking applications, it provides remote connectivity to mobile assets via cellular or satellite networks.

Spime launch

Spime Inc. has launched MapMan Onboard–Hybrid Map and Navigation Engine. It is an LBS mapping and navigation engine that powers customized map and LBS related applications to run on mobile handsets, netbooks, PNDs and MIDs. The MapMan SDK includes APIs that make it easy for developers to develop any map and LBS related application.

Oracle Trimble GeoManager Extension

Oracle has developed an extension which allows Oracle Field Service Applications users to add Trimble’s GeoManager(TM) solution. The location-based features of GeoManager will allow organizations to improve fleet performance and the management of mobile workers and distributed assets.

Alzheimer’s Association launches Comfort Zone(TM)

The Alzheimer’s Association Comfort Zone(TM) powered by Omnilink is a comprehensive location management system designed specifically for Alzheimer’s. It is a web-based application that works with various location devices throughout the progression of the disease to proactively communicate the location of the person with Alzheimer’s within two to 30 minutes, based on the family’s selected plan.

Now all Mobile Phones location aware

GloPos software-only positioning technology shall make all mobile phones location aware – outdoors, indoors, and even underground. It requires only a cellular network to do so. No additional hardware like GPS or W-LAN is required. Its patent-pending, self-learning algorithms calculate an accurate position fix to within 1-40 meters.

CSR unveils new built-in CPU GPS

CSR introduced the SiRFstarIV™ GSD4e, a new location processor with built-in CPU. New technologies embedded into this GPS such as “adaptive accuracy” and “SiRFGeoRecov” makes possible to instantly geo-tag images or videos with a camera or camcorder and improve the accuracy.

Latlong, launched in Bangalore

ONZE Technologies India introduced Latlong, a location search and driving directions service in SMS platform, in Bangalore. An SMS is easier to use, less time consuming and way cheaper than a GPS navigation service or other such services.

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