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China Navigation Map Market Report

According to China Navigation Map Market Report, 2008-2009, the Chinese car navigation market is in its early stage. In 2008, the market penetration rate of car navigation in China was only 4.56%, far lower than the 60% of Japan, and 20%-30% of both Europe and U.S.A. In 2008 a total of 3.1 million navigation devices were sold, more than double than that in 2007.

iPhone Spy Software unveils Stealth GPS Tracking

Mobile Spy version 3.0 by Retina-X Studios, Apple iPhone spy technology, users can now track GPS locations, SMS messages and calls of children or employees inside an SSL secured online control panel. Mobile Spy runs in total stealth mode and no mentions of the program are shown inside the iPhone.

LG ships fi rst feature phone with offboard navigation

LG GT505, is the fi rst feature phone to offer GPS and turn by turn navigation. “Wisepilot for LG”, powered by Appello and deCarta is a turn-byturn navigation software for cars and pedestrians. The solution features several additional services available free of charge.

Broadcom launches “PND-on-a-chip”

Broadcom’s “PND-on-a-chip” (BCM4760) embeds a GPS baseband, RF circuitry and low noise amplifi er (LNA) as well as an ARM11 processor an OpenGL ES 1.1/OpenVG 1.0-compliant graphics processor. It also integrates an audio codec, touch screen controller and USB 2.0 controller with high speed transceiver, all on a single die.

Location-based store locator on mobile web pages

Useful Networks and 1020 Placecast shall soon provide mobile advertisers with a store locator service tied directly to the consumers’ real time location. It will help provide a location-customized landing page, which could include a map, directions and local phone number for
consumers clicking on their banners on the mobile web.

SiRFatlasIV unveiled

SiRF introduced SiRFatlasIV a low cost equivalent of the SiRFPrima platform which provides GPS and high multimedia performance on the same die.

TechnoCom Launches SpotOn GPS

SpotOn GPS by TechnoCom is a mobile advertising and marketing content delivery platform that provides comprehensive turn-by-turn navigation, search and mapping. It leverages advertising with the utility of navigation. It is a hosted solution that delivers fullycustomizable interactive and locationaware advertising.

BorgSolutions offers free Starter Edition of Borg Fleet

BorgSolutions shall soon be offering a free version of its fl agship fl eet maintenance management software Borg Fleet Starter Edition. It allows customers to manage the maintenance and repair schedules of their fl eet, as well as plan their fl eet resources using web-based platform. It will offer features including: asset management, work order management, employee management, maintenance scheduling, supplier administration, and reports.

Microsoft unveils Bing Travel

Microsofts new search destination for travelers — Bing Travel — will help consumers make smart travel decisions through a variety of innovative tools and features.

Navman selects Navteq as its map supplier in Australia

NAVTEQ announced an agreement that Navman will utilise the NAVTEQ map of Australia in its entire range of PNDs. It will be the preferred map supplier for MiTAC, Mio and Magellan in Australia.

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