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GPS technology aids biologists in research

Satellite tracking technology may help state biologists learn more about the habits of mountain goats while helping keep track of them. Two goats shall be the test animals for the tracking experiment, said officials of district wildlife biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in Baker City. Biologists equipped two of the goats with GPS, collars programmed to pinpoint the goats’ position every 30 minutes for the next couple of months, then every three hours. They can adjust that interval to as often as every 10 minutes by remote control. The collars will also record temperatures.

Russia starts serial production of new navigation systems

Russian manufacturers are starting serial production of new navigation systems on the basis of the Glonass technology for strategic aviation, according to the first deputy general director of the Moscowbased Kompas design bureau. It will be serial production of PUIN indication and navigation control panels. Production will be for Tu-160 [Blackjack], Tu-95 [Bear] and others that resumed on the Russian president’s instruction.

NVision – Boeing Co. & Navteq demonstrates tool for counter-terrorism

NVision Solutions Inc., The Boeing Company, and NAVTEQ recently demonstrated a prototype emergency management “common operating picture” at the 2007 Pacific Northwest Asymmetric Warfare Initiative. It streamed real-time emergency notifications from observers around the Port of Tacoma onto a high-resolution map depicting aerial photography as well as map data, enhanced GIS attributes, and parcel boundaries in the Exercise Control Center. Boeing employees acting as mock first responders logged simulated terrorist attacks using wireless, GPS-enabled, handheld computers. Simulated terrorist attacks involved live actors, pyrotechnics, and boats.

Cow herd to be tracked from space

A herd of 50 cows in the Yorkshire Dales, UK shall be monitored by GPS collar in a conservation project.The devices will track the movement of cows helping to preserve rare vegetation.

BAE Systems develops tools for GOOGLE Earth™ and ESRI

SOCET GXP v2.3, interacts with Google Earth in real time for quick, 3D color visualization and gives geospatial context to objects of interest. With additional tools for detecting changes from one day to the next, analysts can anticipate conditions such as rough terrain or collapsed bridges and pinpoint operational routes more accurately.

GPS in Tamil Nadu, India

TNCSC to install GPS in 2 districts The Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation, India shall fl oat tenders for putting in place the GPS in two districts – Tiruvallur and Krishnagiri, soon. It is based on studies of GPS installed by the Chennai Corporation on its garbage vehicles. Next year, the GPS will be put in place in other 30 other regions according to corporation chairman.

GPS to keep track of mail vehicles
The movement of mail vehicles in Chennai, India will be monitored with the help of GPS. According to Postal Department,Tamil Nadu Circle, five vehicles were being monitored on a trial basis. If found successful, it would cover the other vehicles as well.

GPS for fire tenders
Fire control room in Chennai is procuring GPS as a part of modernizing process. It is proposed to give one GPS to each of the 28 fire stations in the city for being fitted on the water tender ensuring better planning and monitoring of the movement of fire tenders by control room personnel, according Fire and Rescue Services official.


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