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OGC calls for Industry input on Geospatial Fusion

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) has issued a Request for Information to solicit industry input into a Fusion Standards Study to be conducted in preparation for the planned OGC Web Services, Phase 7 (OWS-7) Testbed. It will also partner with other Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) having technology relevant to fusion.

Delhi 3 months away from geogovernance

For the first time ever Delhi city will have a utility map through aerial photographs and also real-time monitoring of the ground situation throughout the city with the help of 64 wireless internet protocol cameras. 31 departments and agencies will be able to access this data in real time. The Rs 120 crore project called the Delhi State Spatial Data Infrastructure (DSSDI) project is in the last stages of completion. It is being done by Delhi government along with Survey of India (SOI). Times of India

Google shows properties for sale

Homebuyers will be able to fi nd houses and units listed for sale or rent across Australia through Google Maps. Listed properties will be marked on an interactive map, along with prices and descriptions supplied by a range of real estate agents.

Bangladesh digital mapping project

The ‘Improvement of the Digital Mapping System of Survey of Bangladesh’ at an estimated cost of Tk 181.43 crore, will be launched soon by the Bangladesh Survey Department at all divisional headquarters across the country.

Swine flu pandemic planning

NHS emergency planners in Bristol and the Avon region are developing their swine flu pandemic response strategy with spatial data from Dotted Eyes. The data has been used to identify the optimum number and locations of antiviral collection points. Key factors are population statistics and travel times to community pharmacies.

Pune to use GIS for mishaps

A GIS-based Accident Report and Analysis System (ARS) is to be launched in Pune, India. It will have details of every accident taking place on the roads will be plotted on the city’s geographical map, which would make it possible to generate analytical reports. http://timesofi

JDA to use Google earth

Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) will take a bird’s view of Pink City to ensure that it drafts city’s development plans to perfection. It plans to buy aerial pictures of the city and has applied for license to acquire the pictures. http://timesofi

GIS to monitor greenhouse gas

The New Zealand Ministry for the Environment shall soon use GIS to monitor gas emissions and land-use change. Built on ESRI’s ArcGIS software, Land Use and Carbon Analysis System (LUCAS) combines carbon assessment calculations with core geospatial change analysis and forest plot sampling to produce the carbon-per-hectare report for Kyoto land-use classes.

ITT Corporation announces a new image processing product

ITT Corporation and ESRI shall integrate their respective software to deliver image processing and analysis capabilities to the ArcGIS platform ITT has introduced a new product, ENVI EX, an image processing and analysis solution integrated with ArcGIS has been designed specifi cally to meet the needs of GIS professionals.

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