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Magellan RoadMate 1700

Magellan unveiled the new Magellan RoadMate 1700. It is designed to better meet the needs of consumers who are seeking larger-sized displays and easyto- use electronics. The 7-inch WVGA full-colour display provides 4 times the standard screen resolution for better readability and increased safety on the roads.

NAVTEQ’s production centre in Mumbai

NAVTEQ has established a Global Production Centre at Mumbai in India with a current workforce of over 400 and expects to employ 600 when fully staffed. The centre supports both local and global production projects. This is NAVTEQ’s fi rst Production Centre in Asia Pacifi c and is the largest worldwide. The majority of employees at the centre will be geocoders. Employees will work on local regional and global projects and will focus on Maintaining and updating NAVTEQ maps in 77 countries and territories. Also, the company has expanded its coverage for India to 84 cities enabling its customers to provide navigation solutions in high density areas.

Nokia to ship GPS-enabled Netbook

Nokia released Nokia Booklet 3G. This mini-laptop based on a Windows OS weighs 1.25 kgs, measures slightly more than 2cm thin, has a 10-inch display, a 12 hours standing battery life and 3G/HSPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and A-GPS. “A-GPS

MapmyIndia’s navigator with bluetooth

MapmyIndia Loaded (VX140) is a new navigator loaded with maps of 401 cities with complete details of streets, localities, sub-localities and OIS’s. It has a wide, 4.3” fl at screen and Bluetooth features that allow it to be paired with mobile phones to receive and make calls. It’s also equipped with multimedia features, turning it into an entertainment box, playing videos, music and games.

China TransInfo launches real time traffic site

China TransInfo Technology Corp. recently launched China’s fi rst multi-city, real-time traffi c website called PalmCity, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and Wuhan.

Twitter to get geolocation

Twitter will soon include geolocation in standard in its SMS. Along with the option to geo-tag updates, users will be able to search for nearby tweets and view the geo metadata in user timelines.

SatNav device with worldwide maps

SatNav Technologies launched a navigation product that will work all over the world, with current map options of India, USA, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe. This is the fi rst time an Indian GPS service provider has launched a single product that empowers the buyer for all multiple regions.

Reliance launches ‘BIGMaps’ service

Reliance Mobile, India launched “BIGMaps” service on its GSM network. It allows subscribers to search across Business, Directions, Events and Movies by organising local information on a pan-India basis. This service is available in RWorld for customers to download. With this launch, the company intends to offer a local search platform for India, with maps data across 15 zoomlevels and real-time landmark based routing.

iPhone App locates infectious diseases

A new iPhone application created by researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston, USA in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, enables users to track and report outbreaks of infectious diseases, such as H1N1 (swine fl u), on the ground in real time. The application, “Outbreaks Near Me” builds upon the mission and proven capability of HealthMap, an online resource that collects, fi lters, maps and disseminates information about emerging infectious diseases, and provides a new, contextualized view of a user’s specific location.

Muslim Pilgrims get navigation app

Horizon Navigation in USA has released Hajjmate, a navigation software for Windows Mobile Smartphones specifi cally designed to assist Muslim tourists travelling to Mecca for the Hajj Pilgrimage. It includes features to help navigate when travelling to Mecca and Medina in addition to all of the features of Horizon’s NavMate navigation software for pedestrian or in-car usage.

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