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U-blox supplying GPSS for Longcheer chinese handsets

Chinese mobile phone designer Longcheer Holdings Ltd will integrate Swiss chip maker u-blox’ single chip UBX-G5010 GPS receiver into a series of handsets. The models built incorporating the device, the G600, G800, and G630 have just become available while the G801 and G900 are expected to begin shipments to the Chinese market later in this quarter.

Leica Geo parent acquires Renix Technology

Leica Geosystems’ parent company, Hexagon Group, has acquired Australian company Rinex Technology, which specializes in GPS hardware and software for agriculture equipment guidance and implement control. Leica will market and sell the existing Rinex product line, which will work with the current mojoRTK auto-steer system and will be serviced by Leica’s Virtual Wrench technology.

Infoterra launches new high definition land cover mapping product

Infoterra Ltd, has launched LandBaseTM, its new high definition land cover mapping product. It combines the latest object based classification technology and digital aerial imagery to provide a land cover product, which allows viewing down to 1:5000 scale/property level. This enables the extraction of meaningful land cover data for a range of applications including; environmental and habitat management, change detection, flood modelling and infrastructure planning.

Spirent Communications supports Quazi Zenith Satellite system

Spirents GSS80000 RF constellation simulator now supports the Japanese Quasi Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) in addition to GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and SBAS. Support will be initially for L1 C/A code and L1 SAIF QZSS signals.

Gaardian Consortium Wins GPS/eloran integrity research project

GAARDIAN (GNSS Availability, Accuracy, Reliability and Integrity Assessment for Timing and Navigation) a business and academic consortium led by Chronos Technology has received a grant from the government sponsored Technology Strategy Board for a £2.2m research project that will improve the safety and security of location based applications such as marine navigation and road transportation. Over the next 30 months, the consortium will be developing a system for mission and safety critical applications that will certify the accuracy, reliability and integrity of Positioning, Navigation and Timing systems.

DAT/EM Systems International introduces TouchPad and TouchScreen

DAT/EM Systems has released new TouchPad and TouchScreen key devices, which will allow operators to quickly and efficiently issue command sequences during map compilation. The touch-responsive interface, which has no moving parts, can either display a virtual keypad or work with existing DAT/EM Keypad overlays. Easily programmable, the Touchpad can display key diagrams both horizontally and vertically.

SOKKIA releases GSRSR2700 ISSX Firmware V3.500/2.120

SOKKIA TOPCON, has released the GSR2700 ISX firmware V3.500/2.120 and the GSR Family Config Tool V8.4.2 for the Allegro CX™ data collector, which features improved network RTK support for third-party reference networks and advanced ambiguity resolution under multipath. It provides GPS and GLONASS satellite tracking capabilities, now in additional languages for audible notifications.

TerraGo® and BAEE Systems extend the reach of Image Analysis Software

TerraGo Technologies and BAE Systems, announced a collaborative agreement under which BAE Systems’ SOCET GXP® v3.0 customers can now create, mark up and export geographically rich image data and maps to a GeoPDF® file directly from the SOCET GXP workspace.

CARIS Survey Processing Software for Italy

The Italian Hydrographic Institute has selected CARIS HIPS and SIPS software for its hydrographic survey processing. IIM will now have access to integration of Geocoder in HIPS and SIPS for processing multibeam backscatter, which will enable users to produce better quality mosaics.

Autodesk : Incheon as Second City of its Digital Cities Initiative

Autodesk is working with the Incheon Free Economic Zone and the Incheon Urban Development Corporation to cooperate in the creation of Asia’s first Digital City for Incheon, Korea. The Digital City is created around a detailed 3D city model that allows users from the public, city government, construction and business communities to leverage technology solutions so they can visualize, analyze, and simulate real-world city scenarios to improve decision making and provide a common environment for sharing information.

NovAtel: rugged GPSS, GLONnASSSS antenna for agricultural market

NovAtel Inc. has unveiled its Smart-AG antenna, an L1 GPS and GLONASS receiver plus antenna system housed in a single, low-profile, rugged enclosure. The Smart-AG can achieve consistent sub-meter accuracy and is designed for both manual guidance and auto steer installations in agricultural applications.

PCI Geomatics completes acquisition of Geospace Inc.

PCI Geomatics has acquired Geospace Inc., a provider of geospatial information and solutions. Both will create a greater product offering to consumers.

Trimble introduces Juno Series of economical GPS Handhelds

JTrimble has introduced lightweight field computing devices with integrated GPS technology – the new Trimble Juno SB and Juno SC handhelds. It include wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity, a 3 Megapixel camera, a 533 MHz processor, 128 MB of onboard memory, a MicroSD/ SDHC memory card slot, an all-day battery and a 3.5 inch display. Both can achieve 2 to 5 meter GPS positioning accuracy postprocessed or in real-time with SBAS, EGNOS, and MSAS.

Miniature MEMS inertial sensing technology

Xsens Technologies has released MTi and MTi-G, its miniature MEMS based Attitude and Heading Reference Systems. The MTi is a miniature, gyro- enhanced Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS). Its internal low-power signal processor provides drift-free 3D orientation as well as calibrated 3D acceleration, 3D rate of turn, and 3D magnetic field data. The MTi-G includes an integrated GPS and static pressure sensor as well, which makes it better suitable for orientation measurement in situations with (long term) accelerations.

Stora Enso releases EnsoMOSAIC 7.1

Finland-based Stora Enso has released version 7.1 of EnsoMOSAIC automatic image processing software for digital aerial cameras. Visual quality of orthomosaics is improved by applying seam lines for mosaic resampling. A stand alone Seam Line Editor was released simultaneously with the core software. EnsoMOSAIC v7.1 links with EnsoMOSAIC 3D, which is capable for stereoscopic data extraction for elevation models, contours, 3D digitizing and visualization.

OnPOZ Precision Positioning releases its new GNSS Post-Processor.

OnPOZ Precision Positioning, a VGI Solutions division, announces its new EZSurv™ GNSS Post-Processing version that offers full compatibility with Glonass satellite signal. EZSurv™ is compatible with most of the raw GNSS data formats on the market. It computes high accuracy geodetic results. The software allows seamless data post-processing between different receiver brands. It also offers a survey and GIS data collection software to record reliable raw GNSS data in the field.

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