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IIT Kanpur proposes micro satellite to ISRO

IIT Kanpur has submitted a proposal to the Indian Space Research Organisation, relating to design and development of a micro satellite. It shall weigh around 7 kgs, can be used as part of disaster management and in cartography. The project was expected to require a funding of around Rs 5-7 crore.

Brazil harnesses space tech to monitor deforestation

Brazil will launch a satellite in 2011 to monitor deforestation and urban expansion around the world, it has been announced. Amazônia-1 will carry a UK-made high resolution camera. It is part of the continuing UK—Brazil Partnership in Science and Innovation, and stems from discussions between governments and research partners that began in 2007. Amazônia-1 will orbit the Earth 14 times a day from 400 miles. It will have 3 cameras in total, 2 of them made in Brazil and one made in the UK.

Satellite maps used to reveal ideal locations for wind farms

Efforts to harness the energy potential of Earth’s ocean winds could soon gain an important new tool. Global satellite maps from NASA. Scientists have been creating maps using nearly a decade of data from NASA’s QuikSCAT satellite that reveal ocean areas where winds could produce wind energy.

The new maps have many potential uses including planning the location of offshore wind farms to convert wind energy into electric energy. QuikSCAT tracks the speed, direction and power of winds near the ocean surface. Data collected continuously by a specialized microwave radar instrument named SeaWinds, also are used to predict storms and enhance the accuracy of weather forecasts.

ESA satellite assesses damage of Norway’s largest fire

Norway experienced its biggest forest fire in the last half century recently. Envisat satellite images were used in the fire’s aftermath to get an overview of the damaged area for authorities and insurance companies. To assess the full extent of the damage, Norway’s the Kongsberg Satellite Services compared Envisat acquisitions taken before and after the event.

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