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Asus launches PDA GPS phone in India

Asus launched the P535 tri-band PDA phone in India with full wireless functionality, GPS and auto-focus camera. It also offers push email, Internet access, off-site synchronization of calendar and contact information over wireless (802.11b+g) or mobile phone GPRS networks.

Mobile service turns cell phone into personal “Robo-Scout”

A new type of navigation service in USA called ‘Earthcomber’ spots personal needs or desires nearby. It works on phones with basic internet access, and provides GPS alternatives for phones without it.

It can locate hundreds of different types of places and events, all arranged by distance to the individual’s location.. The service is free, aside from data charges by wireless networks.

Sony Ericsson’s K530, HGE- 100 for GPS navigation

Sony Ericsson has launched K530, its first GPS navigation capable handset. Its a 3G phone with web access, 2 megapixel camera and a variety other features. It’s also the first phone to be compatible with the GPS Enabler HGE-100.

Beijing to use mobile phone positioning in Olympics

As part of its efforts to improve medical services for the 2008 Olympics, Beijing will adopt a mobile phone positioning system that can give the exact location of people calling about a medical emergency. The positioning system, already in pre-operation and expected to go into full service at the end of the year.

Benefon changes name, realigns company for LBS

Benefon, maker of Europe’s Twig mobile phones and services, is now operating under the nameGeoSentric. Benefon. It acquired LBS technology supplier GeoSolutions last month.

Sony Ericsson chooses Wayfinder for navigation solution

Sony Ericsson has chosen Wayfinder as a supplier for its off-board navigation solution bundled with its GPS accessory HGE-100. This software does not feature 2D or 3D on screen navigation but turn by turn text commands and voice guidance. Tele Atlas shall provide the maps for Europe, North America and other territories covered by TeleAtlas.

Yahoo expands LBS offerings, integrates GPS

Yahoo’s latest software for mobile devices would feature GPS functionality, and its mobile services shall be available beyond the US. It offers a suite of mobile programs packaged in its Yahoo Go for Mobile software; it plans to release version 2.0 very soon in the US, which shall be available on various models of phones.

Topcon will enter worldwide mobile control market

Topcon Corporation is expanding into international mobile control business, which will focus on measuring the exact positioning of virtually any mobile object on Earth for asset management and control purposes. This segment shall include Dynamic positioning (DP) of oil platforms and vessels, berthing navigation, Vehicle management and; Environmental research.

Rx Networks launches GPStream GRN for AGPS mobile network

Rx Networks Inc., Canada, announces the availability of its GPStream Global Reference Network (GRN) solution for use in any Assisted-GPS (AGPS) mobile network. This service provides operators and service providers cost effective realtime GPS assistance data to drive their upcoming mobile GPS and LBS launch,including the latest SUPL standardbased services.

Trakm8 integrates GPS products with Motorola secure radio network

Vehicle tracking technology provider, Trakm8 Ltd, UK, has partnered with Motorola to integrate its GPS tracking products with Motorola’s Astro radio network. It has received contract wins for over 1,000 units.

Mobile phones pose threat to navigation market

Recent In-Stat research, Mobile Handset Navigation Applications May Threaten Global Personal Nav Device Market, covers the market for navigation/ mapping services for mobile phones. It provides forecasts for subscribers and revenue for global mapping/navigation services by region through 2012. It includes extensive analysis of the consumer and business markets, current offerings for these services, with an outlook of the market’s potential. Mobile phone operators now have the ability

to market a downloadable navigation application that is just as good as, if not better, than personal navigation devices (PNDs), reports In-Stat. As a result, handset-based mapping and navigation applications could cause a major change in the overall navigation market, which is now dominated by relatively expensive standalone devices, the high-tech market research firm says.

The research also found that cellular operators whose service is based on CDMA (and iDEN) have an advantage over other mobile operators in nearly every region of the world, largely because of the A-GPS technology originally driven by mandates to support E911 services.

In-Stat surveys of US subscribers find navigation applications have a

strong ability to draw subscribers from other operators and keep them loyal. It also found that the total number of mapping and navigation mobile phone subscribers could exceed 42 million worldwide by 2012.

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