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Price war eminent in PND market


The PND (portable navigation device) market in Taiwan is likely to set into a price war due to the planned importation of ultra low-priced GPS devices from China. GPS makers in China plan to establish a ‘Triple Nine’ alliance, aiming to push sales of PNDs at prices below 999 yuan (US$135) in the China market. Vendors of Garmin, TomTom and Mio – stated that they are not concerned about the price competition, and will differentiate from China-made products with improved quality and innovative software.

GPS beats Internet for mobile phone users

According to a survey by market researcher Leo J. Shapiro and Associates, among current cell phone owners, 24% would want their next cell phone to have GPS capabilities, while 19% says Internet access. Among current GPS owners, 51% report having a portable GPS device, 39% have a car-based device, and only 6% have a GPS-enabled cell phone.

Sony GPSCS1KA tracks your position for geo-tagging photos

It’s a keychain looking stick with a GPS and a little bit of memory for tracking and storing coordinates as well as a date and time stamp. It matches up the date and time stamp from photos to give the geographical coordinates of the place and time.

Qualcomm announces availability of Mobile View

Qualcomm has launched Mobile View product, which is a software application that remotely captures diagnostic data with GPS from mobile handsets, providing insight into handset and network performance. It is currently in trials with CDMA2000(R) and WCDMA (UMTS) network operators worldwide.

GPS in NTT DoCoMo’s 905i Series Mobile Phones

Seiko Epson Corporation announced that all the GPS-capable 905i series mobile phones being released by NTT DoCoMo, Inc. will have A-GPS (Assisted GPS ) reception technology.

GPS data logger with Bluetooth

The CD111 is the GPS data logger that offers simultaneous use of realtime GPS reception and data logging. It is capable of keeping up to 250,000 records or positions, including longitude, latitude, speed, UTC, and tag data. The location histories can also be exported to mapping softwares.

RFID/GPS-based tracking for schools

AT&T Inc. unveiled its interoperable 802.11-based RFID and GPS-based mobile resource management (MRM) applications for the kids of kindergarten. The system use GPS technology, AT&T’s wireless data network and specialized hosted and managed applications.

Outdoor Enthusiasts get GPS tracking software

Wayfinder has unveiled its free Wayfinder Active software, which is a GPS tracking and logging application for mobile phones. It records detailed statistics including maximum, current and average speed; distance; calories burned; altitude info; and current location.

SiRF creating end-to-end solution to optimize location awareness

SiRF TechnologyHoldings, to rapidly implement key end-to-end locationawareness features needed to enable mobile devices powered by the Android™ platform. SiRF has joined with Google and more than 30 other companies worldwide to develop and deploy Android, the Alliance’s open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices.

just arrived

Toshibal launching 920T mobile phone in Japan

Toshiba is launching 920T mobile phones. It has 3G and 1-Seg wireless TV access in the way of wireless communications and GPS functionality too.

TomTom LINK 300 for TomTom GPS device

TomTom has launched TomTom LINK 300/TomTom WORK providing additional functionality on TomTom navigation device. It enables to select and read orders, exchange text messages with the head office, register working time/breaks.

Nokia N82 launched in India

Nokia N82, optimized for photography, navigation, and internet connectivity, is available in India. It has all the multimedia computer features common to N series handsets.

Mio Combines GPS with Digicam, Media Player

Mio Technology has launched DigiWalker C720t, which combines turn-by-turn navigation with a 2MP digital camera, text-to-speech driving instructions and business card scanning software.

MC70 mobile computer with GPS

Motorola’s MC70 mobile computer now has a GPS. It allows organizations with field-based employees, such as postal and delivery companies, to track and manage dynamic real-time tasking and verify locations.

Fingerprint protected PND

The P4425 incorporates MEDION’s new GoPal GPS with AuthenTec’s slide fingerprint sensor for user identification. The software can save five different user fingerprints to the device. The technology renders the GPS device unusable if stolen.

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