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China to regulate its GI industry

Authorities in Guangdong are cracking down on illegal surveying and mapping to better regulate the geographic information industry in the southern province. Foreign organizations, businesses and individuals have been told that they must apply to the central government’s surveying and mapping authority for approval to gather geographic information in the southern province.

In India

Karnataka Disaster Management portal

The Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre in India is building a ‘disaster portal’ that will provide realtime estimates of drought, rainfall, crop status, earthquake monitors and other parameters. The portal will embed the geodatabase in a map and imaging server software that will allow scientists to model natural hazards and estimate the potential impact.

India’s mineral belt to be mapped

The National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) has offered to map the mineral reserves of Jharkhand through exploration. “We want to build a solid data base of the mineral reserves which can be used by mining companies”, said NMDC CMD. http://

3D GIS mapping for Delhi completed

New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has completed GIS mapping of its entire area. The 3D-GIS maps will be used to keep a tab on public utility services as well as improving civic services. NDMC is planning to make the system partly accessible to the public.

Digital map of Chennai

Survey of India has completed the digitalised mapping of a majority of the Chennai on 1:1000 scale. The digital maps are part of the GIS enabled services to help government departments to formulate schemes and plan infrastructure development.

NextMap for Malaysia

Intermap will release 1:50,000 scale data for the whole of Malaysia. The data from X-band radar will be used to generate a DEM, from which the maps will then be created..

Photo Management Software

Bradshaw Consulting Services has released HyperPic.MOBILE software that simplifies the process of collecting and managing photos for GIS users. It provides a solution for emergency response departments, city utility providers, military groups, etc. to supplement their GIS data.

Version 7.0 of HIPS and SIPS Software

CARIS released its hydrographic processing system, CARIS HIPS and SIPS v.7.0. with new features to assist hydrographic professionals in realizing the full potential of their data.

Atlas for the Tibet autonomous region

3.3 million yuan has been invested to compile a colourful “Tibet Autonomous Region Atlas”, based on the existing geographic data, combined with the research results in geology, geophysics, geomorphology, climate, hydrology, soil, biology and environmental science and makes use of GIS high-tech mapping techniques.

TomTom, Toyota win lawsuit over map-viewing systems

TomTom NV, Toyota Motor Corp. and five other companies won patentinfringement lawsuits filed by Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc. over computerised map-viewing systems. Two patents owned by the research publisher were found to be invalid by a federal judge. The patents relate to an interactive mapping system that displays information about sites, a feature it uses in its digital encyclopedias.

New Geocentric Datum in Brunei

The Survey Department in Brunei launched its Brunei Darussalam Geocentric Datum (GDBD 2009). Through the project, the department will gain the advantage of mapping GDBD coordinates that are immediately compatible with global coordinates obtained from GPS and with other coordinate systems adopted in many parts of the world.

One-Stop search widget from USGS

The USGS National Geospatial Program has released the Geospatial One-Stop (GOS) Search Widget, a small utility that can be embedded in any Web page. It will enable users to search, identify, view, download and mash-up Web map services currently published in the intergovernmental geospatial data catalogue.

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