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TurboGPS wireless service in S Korea

u-blox and FINEDIGITAL Inc. has launched a wireless accelerated-GPS service “TurboGPS”. It provides GPS aiding data to vehicle and PNDs throughout South Korea and is available to 3rd party manufacturers of GPS products.

Vehicle Tracking in Papua New Guinea

MapData Sciences (MDS) and Data Nets Limited shall be providing current digital mapping and live fleet tracking services in Papua New Guinea (PNG). One of the first applications shall be to protect the fuel tankers and their cargo for a major energy provider in the region, by allowing them to utilise GPS tracking devices and real time monitoring of the vehicles.

3-D maps help at diffi cult intersections

Navteq plans to help drivers navigate the most difficult intersections by rendering them in 3-D. The image appears as animation but mimics what the driver sees through the windshield, including roads signs, overhead passes and other real-world objects. The
software will switch from a flat map to 3-D and highlight the correct lane. Its named as “Motorway Junction Objects.”

Nokia gets a new Maps Booster application

A new application by Skyhook will speed up the time taken by Nokia handsets running the Symbian S60 OS to locate their position on mapping software.

Telogis, MapIT partner for fl eet management

Telogis collaborated with MapIT to offer new technology and map data for enterprise-focussed companies in the Sub-Saharan region. It offers MapIT`s clients the latest in mapping, routing and navigation technologies, and white label tracking and route optimization as a hosted service.

OS data to keep track on workers

Data collected by Ordnance Survey is to be used to keep track on vulnerable workers and young children. Locatorz will be the first commercial company to get its hands on such data. Users will have to have a GPS-enabled handset for the service to work. It can only be activated with the consent of the mobile owner and can locate people to within 10 metres.

GPS on Panchkula ambulances

All government-owned ambulances in the Panchkula, India will have GPS on board. Red Cross and health department intend to do this for providing prompt assistance to accident victims and others needing emergency medical services.

Netherlands distance-driven taxi service

A distance-driven taxi service, with the distance calculated by onboard GPS receivers, to replace the annual road tax on cars has been initiated by the Dutch government. Dutch drivers will pay per kilometre driven, in a move to ease chronic traffic jams and cut carbon emissions. GPS receivers will track the time, hour, and place each car moves and send the data to a billing agency. There was no specification as to whether the measure will require carmakers to install the receivers and antennas, or whether it must be done by car dealers, or others, prior to sale.

Improving Air Navigation Planning

Using ArcGIS Server, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is creating a Web-based portal containing various global air navigation charts that can be viewed and accessed over the Internet. Providing access to the data is beneficial for the planning, monitoring, and analysis of newly planned facilities and services in regional air navigation plans.

Free GPS navigation on mobile phones

Google unveiled a free navigation system for mobile phones in USA. Verizon Wireless and Motorola announced that a smartphone going on sale in the US, the Droid, would be the first to feature Google Maps Navigation. It is powered by Android 2.0 software, mobile phone operating system by Google.

Telmap brings navigation to iPhone

Telmap has used its navigation technology and NAVTEQ’s global map data to bring a comprehensive mobile search, mapping and navigation solution for the iPhone.

Navigon PND uses NASA Terrain Data

Navigon has launched 8100T, with a 4.8- inch display and NASA terrain data with free traffic data service for life. It includes routing around congestion by including traffic flow, incidents, and alternate routes; it covers some 95 markets across the US and Canada.

iPhone app for managing UPS shipments

UPS announced a new application for iPhone and iPod touch users that not only ships and tracks packages but also uses built-in GPS features to find the nearest UPS location. The users can use their devices to access their My UPS Address Book and Preferences and create shipping labels, which can be e-mailed in a PDF file for printout.

LBS for Indonesian subscribers

Indosat is bringing advanced LBS to its 29 million subscribers using Ericsson’s technology. Subscribers will get location tailored content, enabling real-time traffic information.

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