‘Rights’ on ‘Information’

Oct 2005 | Comments Off on ‘Rights’ on ‘Information’


It took more than 55 years.

The greatest and most vibrant democracy of the world is set to enforce Right to Information Act.

It will be operational on October 12, 2005.

The Parliament passed this Act in May this year.

All administrative offi ces of public authorities have to appoint a Public Information Offi cer (PIO). Citizens can apply for information to the PIO of the concerned office.

A Central Information Commissioner, an independent Constitutional Authority is being established under the Act.

Seems like an end to the struggle.

Now citizens might have some attention in the information regime (of/ for/ by) the government.

They can ask for photocopies of documents, permissions, policies and decisions.

A triumph of participative democracy, freedom of expression and an assertion too on the rights on information.

Does it also mean a reduction in corruption and fewer visits to government offi ces?

Hopefully an impact will be felt in future.

Now, what about spatial information?

The day also does not seem very far.

Our sincere condolences to those that have suffered in the recent earthquake.

Interesting and intriguing.


Bal Krishna, Editor




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