Moved and moved on

Aug 2005 | Comments Off on Moved and moved on

Terrified at what we saw through the electronic media; the agony and trauma that Mumbai underwent after the unprecedented rainfall (944 mm in a span of 24 hours on July 26, 2005).

Terrified by this sudden rain burst. And more terrified by the total collapse of the system.

Many died. Many left to live with the trauma.

This cannot and should not be treated as an isolated event.

It is a refl ection of a phenomenon. The human ‘indulgence’ to the so-called concept of ‘development’.

It is a reflection of the fact that there is no regard to mother earth and developmental decision making is more governed by short

term business economics rather than long term eco-logics.

It is a reflection of the fact that constructing buildings is more important than conserving forests.

Great cities, great planners, great technologies and great decision makers.

Yet such disasters. Any accountability? Anyone care?

True, many of us were moved. And, also true, most of us just moved on.

Probably, something is seriously wrong in our approach and attitude.

Till that changes, let’s keep watching.

The wrath of disasters, hopelessly.

And helplessly too.

Bal Krishna, Editor

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