Land matters

Sep 2008 | Comments Off on Land matters


From the role of land administration in sustainable development…

To the promotion of effective land markets.

e-land administration, land registration, cadastral surveying and mapping.

Poverty reduction and protection of vulnerable groups.
A range of issues.

The 14th PCIGIAP meet at Kuala Lumpur discussed and deliberated all.
Another step in a long journey…

The journey which is difficult and tortuous.

Understandably, when one deals with issues pertaining to land.
An increasingly scarce resource.

Hence, conflict among ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.

Spatial technology is a powerful tool in this context.

Especially to take care of interests of the marginalized and vulnerable.

Ironically, the technology itself becomes vulnerable.

At times, it sides those who own it.


Bal Krishna, Editor




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