The dragon is moving faster

Aug 2008 | Comments Off on The dragon is moving faster


China is set to prove its determination for rapid development.

Olympic is not the sole reason but is otherwise also.

It seems to be backed by a vision and action plans.

One one hand we can see the massive infrastructure developments in cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

On the other hand, the country managed the recent disaster with better planning and preparedness.

The ISPRS conference in Beijing this month displayed the linkages between development and technology.

Applications of the technology in various aspects of development.

Also, the applications of geomatics technology in disaster management was very much was evident.

Especially in rescue and response efforts after the Wenchuan earthquake.

Around 53,000 maps and 11 terabytes of geographic information were provided.

An emerging model of development.

A model that seems to encompass the elements of disaster management.

Surely to admire.


Bal Krishna, Editor




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