Pursuing a vision

Dec 2006 | Comments Off on Pursuing a vision


There is a need to make available high resolution digital maps produced in India.

There is a need to place them on a website

There is a need to create a virtual Earth for India for easy access to its citizens.

There is a need to do this in a time bound manner with suitable policies and adequate security mechanisms.

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, President of India gave the above missions at 26th Congress of Indian National Cartographic Association (INCA) in New Delhi on Nov 22, 2006 (complete speech on page 6).

The President has a vision of transforming India into a developed nation before 2020 and he considers such a mission is relevant to Vision 2020.

Coordinates would like to contribute in this great vision.

To start with, we are publishing an open letter to the President of India by Dr Muneendra Kumar where he emphasises that such a vision can only be achieved with sustained efforts and revolutionary solutions (page 7).

We have a vision and missions put forwarded by the President of India himself.

There is a need to answer the question ‘What stops us?’


Bal Krishna, Editor




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