On the moon, together

May 2006 | Comments Off on On the moon, together


Conquering a technology is always important.

Owning it adds an arsenal to the might of the nation.

Hence, there is a rivalry to own it. Exclusively.

Ironically, at times the technology itself becomes a victim.

When purely technological research that needs more collaborative approach suffers due to non technological reasons.

Fortunately, in the area of space technology, an era of collaborative endeavors appears to have started.

Such efforts not only reduce duplication but also enable better utilization of resources available.

So, on May 9, 2006 when NASA and ISRO collaborated on Chandrayan I, it makes sense.

It makes more sense because this relationship has been shrouded by the clouds of nuclear sanctions.

Conquering barriers are even more important.


Bal Krishna, Editor




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