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july 2006

GeoWeb 2006
24 – 28 July, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2006 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium & 27th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing
31 July – 4 August, Denver, Colorado, USA

August 2006

International Workshop on 3D Geoinformation
7-8 August, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
26th ESRI User Conference and 4th Survey and GIS Summit
07- 11 August, San Diego, CA, USA
The GISnet’12 Conference and Exhibition on GIScience, RS, GPS, Space Science and Technology Applications
14-18 August, Hochiminh, Vietnam
2006 GITA Annual Conference
21-23 August, The MCG, Melbourne
400 Years of Mapping Australia, MSIA Conference
23-25 August, Darwin, Australia
First Indonesian Geospatial Technology Exhibition Hosted by National Coordinating Agency for Surveys and Mapping of Indonesia (BAKOSURTANAL).
23-27 August, Jakarta, Indonesia,
Digital Earth 2006
27-30 Aug

September 2006

3rd National Cartographic Conference GeoCart’2006
4-6 September, Auckland, New Zealand
ISPRS Technical Commission VIII on: “Remote Sensing Applications and Policies” 2004-2008
4-7 September, Haifa, Israel
13th ESRI South Asia User Conference
6-8 September, Subang Jaya, Malaysia
14 – 15 September Perth
Convention Centre, Australia
17th UNRCC for Asia and the Pacific/ 12th Meeting of the PCGIAP
18-22 September, Bangkok
5th Trans Tasman Survey Conference
19-23 September, Cairns, Australia
Second International Symposium on Geoinformation and Disaster Management
25-26 September, Goa, India
26 – 29 September, Fort Worth TX, USA

October 2006

27th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing
9-13 October, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Intergeo 2006
10 -12 October, Munich, Germany
10 -12 October, Munich, Germany
XXIII International FIG Congress
8-13 October 2006, Munich Germany
The 12th IAIN World Congress 2006
18-20 October, Jeju, Korea
Geoinformatics 2006
28-29 October, Wuhan, China

November 2006

GSDI-9 – Geospatial Information: tool for reducing poverty
03-11 November, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Trimble Dimensions
05 – 08 November, Las Vegas NV
9-11 November, 2006
The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
The 12th IAIN World Congress 2006
18-20 November, Korea

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