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Tech Mahindra to deploy captive private network in partnership with Airtel

Bharti Airtel and Tech Mahindra have announced a strategic partnership under which they have deployed ’5G for Enterprise’ solution at Mahindra’s Chakan manufacturing facility, making it India’s first 5G enabled Auto manufacturing unit.

The ‘5G for Business’ solution has significantly enhanced Chakan’s network connectivity that has resulted in improved speeds for software flashing, a critical operation for all vehicular dispatches. Blazing hi-speeds and ultra-low latency now allow managers to undertake multiple software flashing sessions in parallel, which has resulted in reduced turnaround time for an operation. Further, the computerized vision based inspection is now fully automated resulting in improved paint quality.

First permanent installation of autonomous mobility service

WHILL,Inc. has announced the first permanent installation in North America of its autonomous mobility service at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport.

An estimated one in three travelers will require some form of assistance by the year 2038. This makes it difficult for airports to meet the additional demands that come with accommodating their needs.

The WHILL autonomous mobility service relieves airlines of fulfilling wheelchair push demands and allows airline passengers to travel more freely by autonomously transporting them to their gates.

After the user selects their destination on a touch screen, the WHILL autonomous power chair proceeds to transport the passenger safely and reliably to the desired gate. The service covers the entire route from check-in counter to security checkpoint, and then to the departure gate to provide a seamless travel experience.

Purdue partnership with Digital Envoy

Digital Envoy is partnering with the Purdue University School of Management for its data for good program, Data for Impact, on research examining how retail crime impacts consumer demand and how accessibility to public transportation can be improved.

Digital Envoy introduced the concept of privacy-sensitive IP-based geolocation and IP intelligence in 1999. The technology allows businesses, from ad networks to publishers, websites, retailers and more, to harness the power of location and new intelligence about connected users for many mission-critical applications. The Data for Impact program aims to educate consumers about the realities and benefits of IP and geolocation data, reform the location data industry from the inside out, and provide the advantages of location data to causes and organizations that otherwise might not have access to it.

Robots to advance last-mile delivery

Hyundai Motor Group has started two pilot delivery service programs using autonomous robots based on its Plug & Drive (PnD) modular platform at a hotel and a residential-commercial complex located on the outskirts of Seoul.

The Group’s PnD modular platform is an all-in-one single-wheel unit that combines intelligent steering, braking, in-wheel electric drive and suspension hardware, including a steering actuator for 360-degree, holonomic rotation. It moves autonomously with the aid of LiDAR and camera sensors. An integrated storage unit allows the robot to transport products to customers.

By adding autonomous driving capability, the robot can find the optimal route within the area to deliver packages to recipients. It can recognize and avoid fixed and moving objects and drive smoothly, providing a fast delivery time.

Nexar releases CityStream Live

Nexar has released CityStream Live, a real-time mapping platform. It enables the mobility industry, including connected vehicles, maps, mobility services, digital twins or smart city applications, to access a continuous stream of fresh, crowd sourced road data. It provides real-time mapping technologies at the edge of the network, enabling detection of work zones, road sign changes, potholes and free parking spaces. The platform is designed to provide fresh data on nearly every road across the United States at a dramatically reduced cost.

AVL and Rohde & Schwarz collaboration

Electric vehicles contain many electronic components that emit radio-frequency interference, which may have a negative impact on the vehicle performance and driving experience. To ease and speed up the development process, AVL and Rohde & Schwarz present an innovative solution for automated electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) data analysis of an electric drivetrain under real driving conditions.

AVL and Rohde & Schwarz have developed a solution that supports automated testing with simulation of real driving conditions while covering typical automotive standards. The AVL PUMA 2™ automation controls the test cycle and stores the measured data, in synchronization with the R&S ELEKTRA EMC test software to exchange information between the testbed and the EMC measurement equipment. The ELEKTRA software has been modified to enable automatic and seamless communication with AVL CONCERTO™ software, replacing a previously manual process. CONCERTO™ is post-processing the measured data automatically and gives a full test report according to the pre-defined pass and fail criteria.

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