INNOVATION – Earth’s shape and size

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Muneendra Kumar

PhD, Chief Geodesist (Retired),
US National Geospatial- Intelligence Agency,
“I always read that the world, land and water, was spherical… Now I observed so much divergence, that I began to hold different views about the world and I found it was not round…. but pear shaped, round except where it has a nipple, for there it is taller, or as one had a round ball and, on one side, it should be like a woman’s breast, and this nipple part is the highest and closest to Heaven….” – Kenneth C. Davis New York Times Best Seller “Don’t know much about Geography” Permissions Department, William Morrow and Company, New York, NY, 1992. 


• Thank “Heaven”, Prof. Davis did not include any illustration(s).

• It is astonishing that this book got printed and became a best seller.

When the science of Geography would adopt the EXACT shape and size, as determined by the science of Geodesy?

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