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Mapping Quality of Northern Ireland to improve

Land & Property Services (LPS) has announced its plan to deliver a programme of improved mapping for Northern Ireland. The Positional Improvement Project, which examines the accuracy of features of LPS Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI) maps, will deliver significant improvements to the quality of current mapping, enabling its customers to provide more efficient and accurate service delivery.

NAMRIA to make 3D GIS of Philipines

The Office of Civil Defense (OCD) and the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA), Philippines shall soon make GIS of 3-D satellite image of the country and a spatial data infrastructure that disaster simulations can be made for a more reliable preparedness programme.

GIS-based tool to measure solar incidence levels

Researchers at Gothenburg University, Sweden, developed a GIS-based tool that can determine solar incidence levels. The scientists at the university have worked together with consultancy WSP to develop a GIS that can calculate the suitability of a roof to house solar panels. The system is called SEES — Solar Energy from Existing Structures — and will be freely available to companies and municipalities.

India gets Web Map Service and maps at 1:10,000 scale

Vilasrao Deshmukh, Minister of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences, Government of India, released two innovative products of Survey of India (SOI), the first map of the country at 1:10,000 scale and Web Map Service (WMS). The map of Jadcherla Mandal, Mahabubnagar District in Andhra Pradesh, has been prepared at 1:10,000 scale. It has been prepared in association with NRSC and APSRAC and cleared by the Ministry of Defence. Another product released was the launch of Web Map Service (WMS) which will make accessible map data of 1:50,000 scale to users. This service in combination with Bhuvan WMS of Department of Space fulfils the long felt need of the user community in India.

Delhi to implement geospatial law from November 15

The Delhi State Government in India is considering implementing the Delhi Geographical Spatial Data Infrastructure Act 2011 from November 15, 2011. Under the Act, all state departments and civic agencies have to mandatorily access, use and share information on all projects and update Delhi’s spatial database. Geospatial Delhi Ltd. along with the Chief Secretary of Delhi as its Chairman will be in charge of maintaining and updating the database.

Esri incorporates OS OpenData into World Topographic Map

The Ordnance Survey’s (OS) smalland midscale OS OpenData products have been included in Esri’s World Topographic Map, the crowdsourced map at the foundation of Esri’s Community Maps program. The map service can be accessed from the basemap gallery in ArcGIS Online.

Mapping the formation of an underwater volcano

On Oct. 9 an underwater volcano started to emerge in waters off El Hierro Island in the Canaries, Spain. Researchers of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO, Ministry of Science and Innovation) only needed 15 days to map its formation in high resolution. As seismic movements were detected it gave way to the birth of the underwater volcano. Then, by the 24th of the same month, scientists on board the IEO’s ship Ramón Margalef had already completed the bathymetry (mapping of the sea bed) with unprecedented precision. The boat had a cutting-edge sensor system which means that details of less than 10 metres could be observed on the sea bed. The bathymetry was obtained in two days by tracing parallel scans.

Researchers track Indian nuclear sites using Google Earth

The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) in Washington, US, used imagery from Google Earth (GE) to conclude that India may be constructing a gas centrifuge plant for uranium enrichment for military purposes. The ISIS is a nonprofit organisation, focused on stopping the spread of nuclear weapons. The research published by ISIS senior analyst Paul Brannan had four clear images, said to be of India’s Rare Materials Plant, which were credited to GE. This study reinforced fears that GE can be misused to compromise national security. In 2005, India’s former president, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam , criticised Google Earth and other online satellite mapping services for exposing sensitive installations in developing countries cost-effeto terrorists.

Bentley’s WaterGEMS for Westernport Water

Westernport Water, a utility in the state of Victoria, Australia, is using Bentley’s WaterGEMS water distribution modeling software, integrated with Open Spatial’s GIS and Control Microsystems’ supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA), toctively operate and manage more than $43 million in water assets.

J&K gets INR 1700 crore package for RAPDRP project

Government of India approved INR 1700 crore package under Restructured- Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Program (R-APDRP) toJammu and Kashmir State for reviving the ailing power sector. The first phase of the scheme, which is under execution in different targeted areas and is scheduled for completion in 18 months, involves setting up Data Centre, Disaster (Data) Recovery Center, Centralized Customer Care Call Center, GIS based customer indexing and asset mapping and GIS survey in the identified towns and achieving e-management in power distribution and other initiatives.

TCS to provide GIS-based MIS to Karnataka treasury

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) signed a contract with the Karnataka State Government in India to automate its treasury and finance department functions. When fully operational, Khajane-II will provide GIS-based MIS and dashboards for the decision makers, wherein implementation of government schemes and projects, in terms of funds utilised, could be monitored online on a real-time basis.

Reliance Infra launches environment monitoring system

Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. has launched an environmental monitoring system, Enterprise Road Management System (ERMS), at the 140 km stretch of Pune Satara corridor in India. As part of the system, GPS equipped mobile vans at the project corridor will provide information about every stage of the construction in the corridor. It will take protective measures to control toxic pollutants by marking exact location on the GIS maps.

Blue Marble Geographics is now an approved GSA vendor

Blue Marble Geographics has been awarded a contract with the General Services Administration (GSA). It is excited to now be able to offer their products to Federal Organizations through the streamlined process this organization manages for federal purchasers.

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