Galileo Update

Galileo update

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First Galileo open service performance report published

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has published its first Galileo Open Service quarterly performance report. It covers the first three months of 2017, is available online in the GSC Electronic Library.

Following the Declaration of Initial Services in December 2016, the GSA will publish a new Galileo Initial Services Open Service report after each quarter. The quarterly reports aim to provide the public with the latest information on the Galileo Open Service’s performance.

The document reports on such parameters as:

• Galileo Initial Open Service ranging performance

• Galileo Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) dissemination and Galileo to GPS time offset (GGTO) determination performance

• Galileo positioning performance

• Timely publication of Notice Advisory to Galileo Users

Each of these parameters is examined with respect to their minimum performance levels (MPLs), as declared in the European GNSS (Galileo) Open Service Definition Document (OS-SDD).

Highlights from Q1 2017

In the first quarterly reporting period after the Declaration of Galileo Initial Services, the measured Galileo Initial Open Service performance figures generally exceeded the MPL targets specified in the OSSDD by significant margins.

Some highlights from the report:

• Availability of the Galileo ranging service at the worst user location, with monthly values of 100 percent, is significantly above expectations, where the MPL is 87 percent.

• The signal in space ranging accuracy shows a 95th percentile monthly accuracy better than 1.07 [m] for individual space vehicles.

• Availability of the Galileo UTC time determination service was achieved, with a monthly value of 100 percent, compared to the [OS-SDD] MPL target of 87 percent.

• Availability of GGTO determination (not declared as a service in this phase) was 100 percent in January and March. February showed a slightly lower figure of 96.44 percent, although still well above the [OS-SDD] MPL target of 80 percent.

• Excellent values were achieved for UTC time dissemination service accuracy. The measured Galileo Initial Open Service performance figures generally exceeded the MPL targets specified in the OS-SDD by significant margins

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