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Autonomous driving and AI

May 2018 | No Comment

KORE and Telarus partnerto drive wireless and IoT

KORE has announced a partnershipwith Telarus, the largest privately-held Technology Services Distributor in the United States, to offer KORE’s IoT connectivity solutions and products.

Telarus partners will now be able to feature the full suite of KORE Power Solutions to meet the wireless and IoTneeds of their customers. The supplier partnerships provided by Telarusare based on long-term viability and success, and KORE’s unique offering of a single platform, which delivers connectivity globally through multiple carrier relationships, combined with bundled solutions including best-in-class hardware such as routers and tablets,supports the synergistic, sustainable collaboration.

Spatial DNA joins acuity’s atrius IoT partner program

Acuity Brands, Inc. of Atlanta, GeorgiaUSA, reported that Spatial DNA Informatics Inc. joined the Atrius-IoTPartner program. Under the partner program, Spatial DNA will use location based data from Atrius Platform Services and AtriusTM-Ready Sensory Networks to build mobile applications for enterprise workflows and indoor navigation.

Spatial DNA will integrate data from clients using the Atrius Platform Services. Then its People Flow and AssetFlow Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) platform will present unique insights derived from the data.

Alibaba confirmed as developing self-driving vehicles

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group has confirmed that it has been working on autonomous driving technology, China Daily recently reported. Wang Gang, chief scientist at the company’s AI Labs, is leading the research team and they have made rapid progress. The company’sresearch aims to reach Level 4, whichmeans the self driving vehicle can fully drive itself without human intervention in certain circumstances, said the report.

Chinese authorities issued regulation son April 12 to allow local road tests for intelligent connected vehicles, which covers different degrees of autonomous driving.

Alibaba has conducted regular roadtests of its self-driving vehicles and the company was looking to hire an additional 50 experts to boost the technology.

Alibaba’s move follows its rivals, Baiduand Tencent, another two Chinese internet conglomerates, which are also developing self-driving vehicles.

European countries sign adeclaration of co-op on AI

European countries signed a Declaration ofcooperation on Artificial Intelligence (AI).Whereas a number of Member States had already announced national initiatives onArtificial Intelligence, they now declared a strong will to join forces and engage ina European approach to deal therewith.By teaming up, the opportunities of AIfor Europe can be fully ensured, while the challenges can be dealt with collectively.

The Member States agreed to work together on the most important issues raised by Artificial Intelligence, from ensuring Europe’s competitiveness in the research and deployment of AI, to dealing with social, economic, ethical and legal questions. The Declaration builds further on the achievements and investments of the European research and business community in AI. AI is already used by citizens daily and facilitates both their personal and professional lives.

The emergence of AI also brings challenges which need to be addressed.An anticipatory approach is needed to deal with AI’s transformation of the labour market. It is necessary to modernise Europe’s education and training systems, including upskilling and reskilling European citizens. New legal and ethical questions shouldalso be considered. An environment of trust and accountability around thedevelopment and use of AI is needed to fully profit from the opportunities it brings.

HOZON Auto launches research center in silicon valley

HOZON Auto Autonomous VehicleResearch Center (Silicon Valley)officially opened in the United States,marking a crucial step-forward inbuilding out its global strategic R&Dlayout, and opening up a new path for global autonomous driving technology.

As a global hub of science and technology innovation, the Silicon Valley is the epicenter of autonomous driving,bringing together the world’s top R&Dinstitutions focusing on autonomous driving technology, such as Google,Apple, Microsoft, and Baidu.

At the beginning of 2018, HOZONAu to established a global R&D strategythat focuses on building R&D centers worldwide in five cities across four countries, including Autonomous Vehicle Research Center (SiliconValley), Italy Torino Design Center(underway), German Engineering and Technology Center (underway), andShanghai and Jiaxing R&D Centers.

Findyr merges with Analytics and Machine Learning Experts

Findyr, the global platform for crowd sourcing of hyper local, street-level data and insights has announced its merger with Leviathan, the big data analytics platform specializing in analysis of cloud ingested big data with leading machine learning models. The merger, which will continue to operate as Findyr, is seeking to solve some of the biggest location-based challenges being faced across the globe by the private and public sectors.

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