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“IRS is better positioned to meet the user demands”

Jul 2008 | Comments Off on “IRS is better positioned to meet the user demands”

K R Sridhara Murthi, Managing Director, Antrix Corporation Limited on Cartosat and high resolution imagery market

How much more evolved is Cartosat 2A from previous satellites of Cartosat family?

Cratosato-1 provides along-track stereo data of 2.5m resolution, whereas.

Cartosat-2 offers 1m resolution data. Cartosat-2A is similar to Cartosat-2, substantially increasing the data availability.

What impact you foresee of Cartosat 2A on high resolution imagery market.

IRS Cartosat series of satellites are important members of the high resolution satellite family. Worldwide, there is a great demand for High-Resolution data and more number of satellites increase the choice to users besides improving timely availability of data. I am sure that Cartosat satellites will enhance the user satisfaction.

There are many other players in the high-res imagery market. What edge Cartosat imageries have vis-à-vis them?

Cratosat-1 is a unique mission in the civilian domain where comparable

systems are rare to be found. In addition to cost leadership, the opportunity to merge with other IRS members like Resourcesat Multispectral data will be the advantage of Cartosat when it comes to colorizing the data.

How do you see the demand for Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Data Products internationally? Is the competition growing?

Having multi-temporal, multi-spectral and multi-resolution satellites in the constellation, IRS is better positioned to meet the user demands. Currently, IRS data is being received directly by 22 International Ground Stations (IRS IGS) and more than 20 resellers globally. While the completion is growing, it is good to see that the demand is also growing apace.

Ten satellites into orbit together for the first time? What does it signify for Indian Space Program?

This signifies our proven technology and growing satisfaction among the international customers. It also boots our confidence to take up more challenging projects. Till today we have launched 16 international satellites aboard PSLV and more customers are eager to opt for

Indian launches on PSLV and GSLV.


K R Sridhara Murthi, Managing Director, Antrix

Corporation Limited

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