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Sep 2006 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – LBS

Siemens wireless modules XT75 and XT65

In December 2006, the Siemens Communications Group, Munich will bring to market two new modules for tracking and navigation applications: the XT75 and the XT65. Both modules contain a GPS receiver that allows global positioning, and EDGE or GPRS technology for transmitting data to a mobile device. The modules are based on JavaT and have quadband capability, which means they can be used in all GSM mobile networks worldwide.

TeleNav launches 3D GPS navigation service

TeleNav Inc., USA has launched TeleNav GPS Navigator(TM) 5.0, the first GPS application on mobile phones with full-colour three dimensional moving maps. Accompanying the maps are either voice or visual directions with real-time construction and traffic updates.

Traffic routing using cell phone positioning data

IntelliOne, Atlanta, has developed the TrafficAid system that could not only help guide drivers around tie-ups, but also tell emergency responders where accidents are or how effectively an evacuation is unfolding by pinpointing clusters of cell phones. The system can take anonymous cell-phone location information and turning it into an illuminated traffic map that identifies congestion in real time. The system takes advantage of the steady stream of positioning cues–untraced signals all cell phones produce, whether in use or not, as they seek towers with the strongest signals.

Sanyo 6600 Katana with GPS applications

Qwest Communications International Inc., USA announced that Qwest Wireless(R) is offering its thinnest-ever wireless phone, Sanyo 6600 Katana with GPS applications. Beyond its slim and lightweight silhouette, measuring less than six-tenths of an inch thick and weighing just 3.4 ounces, the Katana is capable of downloading premium applications, including a global positioning application with full-colour maps and turn-byturn directions (with subscription to additional features).

Wasp Barcode Technologies upgrades asset tracking software

Wasp Barcode Technologies announced the release of its upgraded MobileAsset v5 asset tracking software, which enables companies to capture, manage, view, report and track company assets. The solution’s Pro version sets a new standard for asset tracking, with new features for linking multiple assets as a group, so they can be tracked as a single asset assigned to a user or physical location.

AllSport GPS turn your phone into a workout tool

AllSport GPS is new software that can turn GPS equipped phone into a powerful training tool. Currently the application is available on some phones, mostly made by Motorola, Nextel and Boost. The AllSport GPS Silver package uses GPS to track the distance covered in the workout, the time it takes, speed, and the calories burn.


Sony plans to include GPS in PSP

Sony, USA plans to pump up the volume for the PSP. Some of the upgrades include a GPS, a camera with a built in microphone and the ability to download videos and music via the internet.When the PSP was first launched in 2005, Sony’s main focus was the gaming capabilities and the UMD movie format. The GPS will be a great addition to the PSP.

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