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Jun 2006 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – GPS

China to survey the Great Wall

The Great Wall resource investigation has kicked off officially in Hebei Province. It is the first time for China to make precise measurement and accurate survey on the Great Wall with comprehensive investigation and mapping skills, which will be undertaken for several years.

China has launched the nationwide investigation of the Great Wall for twice since the establishment of the new China. In the mid-1950s, China
did primary investigation on the age and distribution of the Great Wall with the help of the national cultural relic survey, and the second-time investigation was undertaken in the 1980s.

US policy shift pushes back plans for new GPS satellites

Long-pending Pentagon plans to solicit bids for a new generation of significantly enhanced, more-powerful GPS have been delayed at least a year, partly due to Air Force policy changes that stress less-risky, incremental acquisition of new space hardware, according to military and industry officials. On the drawing boards since the late 1990s and previously projected to be put out for bid this year, the so-called GPS III programme remains in limbo as Air Force and Pentagon brass mull its design and timing.

Telcordia turns Ford Car into wireless communication center

In collaboration with Ford Motor Company, Telcordia revealed a completely wireless-enabled Ford Five Hundred sedan. This latest development from Telcordia’s world-renown Advanced Technology organization demonstrates Telcordia’s innovative approach to leveraging technology and capitalizing on new market opportunities as the lines between some of the consumer’s most treasured assets — cars and communications — blur.

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