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MetaCarta’s LBS for 2012 Olympics

MetaCarta, Inc., and the British Transport Police (BTP) shall provide location based situational awareness for the 2012 Olympics. BTP will use MetaCarta geographic search and referencing solutions to geo-enable and consolidate information from multiple data sources by geographic location and display it in MapView, BTP’s intranet map-based visualisation tool.

Telesoft launches LBS in India

Telesoft Technologies has released HINTON Locator passive monitoring probe in India. Connecting to the cellular radio access network the HINTON Locator is a passive monitoring probe that can be connected to any mobile network.

Zoodango tries ‘intelligent location’ for hyperlocal services, a map-based online service, has launched a hyperlocal service that uses computer intelligence and geosearch to help consumers fi nd restaurants and businesses. The main differentiator between Zoodango’s search and other search sites is that while the other sites do searches based on a keyword, Zoodango relies on geo-searches.

Alternative Positioning Technologies will provide 25% of solutions by 2014

Many next-generation LBS applications such as social networking, local search, advertising, and geo-tagging are expected to be used in urban and indoor environments where GPS either underperforms in terms of fi x times or accuracy, or fails altogether. So, alternative positioning technologies such as Wi-Fi and Cell-ID will become increasingly important. A-GPS, Wi-Fi and Cell-ID will be the winning combination offering accuracy, availability, interoperability and short fi x times at low cost. It will represent 25% of all positioning solutions by 2014.

Satellite helps make transportation of dangerous waste safer

A new tracking system is making use of satellite navigation data to ensure safe roads in Europe. Developed by an Italian company, Allix in the Italian Lombardy region, the system monitors daily the displacement of 200 containers carrying industrial waste on 100 trucks. The system has been developed which uses location data from GNSS to accurately track all movements of the industrial waste throughout its journey. www.esa. int/esaCP/SEMUS6VPXPF_index_0.html

GPS-Enabled carbon application

Clear Standards has announced the availability of “Carbon Tracker,” a GPSenabled carbon footprint application for the iPhone. Available for free download at the iPhone App Store, the initial version enables users to easily calculate the carbon footprint from daily commuting, vacations, or business trips. www.

TeleNav Shotgun(TM) GPS navigation device automates mileage tracking

TeleNav, Inc has added new features to TeleNav Shotgun, a two-way, Internetconnected GPS PND developed for business travellers. It can be used to track miles driven, saving valuable time and resources that anyone may have otherwise spent compiling expense reports.

Nokia and Securitas bring locationsecurity services to the S60 masses

Nokia and Securitas collaboration will bring mobile services for personal security and safety to Nokia’s S60 platform. The service bundle, Securitas Safe-2-Go, consists of four components: Assist (security alert), Find (locate person), Zone (SMS boundary alerts) and Friends (general friend locator). Safe-2- Go will launch in Sweden in the first half of 2009.

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