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In-Stat expects Chinese GPS handset market to grow rapidly

According to In-Stat, “the Chinese GPS phone market is still small and has low penetration, but its high growth rate is a clear signal of its development, as is the fact that it is starting to have an impact on the growth of the PND market”. The findings of this report shows shipments of GPS phones will exceed 5 million in 2009 and will account for about 10% of total mobile phone shipments in 2012, compared to 0.6% in 2007. In 2008, more mainstream handset manufacturers have begun GPS phone production, and the number of models available will be at least three times that of those in 2007.

Industrial Precision GPS Solutions Market to Continue Growing 25%

While much of the current attention surrounding GPS technology is focused on consumer navigation and LBS devices and services, the less well known industrial GPS applications such as precision agriculture, surveying, GIS, construction machine control, network timing, marine and avionics are increasingly being adopted by companies to increase quality, security and efficiency, as well as reduce costs. In order to reach centimeter and even millimeter accuracy, GPS technology is stretched to its limits by using dual frequency, DGPS and RTK-based receivers combined with correction signals to compensate for atmospheric and timing errors. GPS is often complemented by other technologies such as sonar, radar, radio, laser, or optical systems. Precision GPS technology will benefit from the upgrade of the existing GPS satellite system. New civilian frequencies and signals, as well as the increased transmission power provided by next-generation GPS III satellites will increase both accuracy and coverage. It will be further enhanced by the rollout of Galileo in future.

Raytheon leads team bidding on Indian satellite navigation system

Raytheon Company is leading a team to deliver a comprehensive solution for the Indian Space Research Organization and Airports Authority of India GNSS. This will complete the final phase of the GPS-Aided Geosynchronous Augmented Navigation System, or GAGAN. GAGAN will provide satellite-based navigation for civil aviation across South and East Asia. The Raytheon team will leverage the experience it gained during the past several years in deploying the technology demonstration system phase of GAGAN. For instance, the Wide Area Augmentation System was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in July 2003, and the MTSAT Satellite Augmentation System was certified by the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau in September 2007. Team members from India are Accord Software and Systems, Pvt. Ltd. Elcome Technologies, Pvt. Ltd.; and Naverus, Inc., of Kent, Washington, USA.

Tamil Nadu’s fishing boats to get GPS for protection

In a bid to protect Indian fishermen from attacks by the Sri Lankan navy, Tamil Nadu has decided to equip boats plying between the two countries with GPS to keep track of them. GPS system will be installed in 1,697 mechanised boats and 4,620 non-mechanised ones to be implemented by the Electronic Corporation of Tamil Nadu. It is estimated to cost Rs.77 million.

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