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USGS seeks proposals to build NSDI

USGS and the Federal Geographic Data Committee of USA formally announced their request for proposals to support the 2010 National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Cooperative Agreements Program. The NSDI CAP will award an estimated 31 innovative projects in the geospatial data community.

Delhi gets new geo-portal

Delhi State Spatial Data Infrastructure Project has been unveiled recently by the Chief Minister of Delhi state in India. The geo-portal with geo-spatial data of the Capital has been developed by the IT department of the Delhi Government. The CM said the project would set new benchmarks in urban management in the country. It will make underground and overground utilities in digital form

accessible to over 30 departments. The whole range of spatial and attribute data will be accessible through a geo-portal that will function as a single window through which associated bodies can access information and decision-support systems. The portal will provide access to the line departments like the New Delhi Municipal Council, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Delhi Development Authority and Delhi Police besides Union and State government bodies.

Ireland project by RMSI

RMSI has successfully completed a large scale “Text Data Capture from Image Folios Project” for the Property Registration Authority of Ireland that involved the conversion of more than 807,000 individual folios held in scanned image format into a fully digitized format.

Kerala State SDI established

The Kerala Government in India has taken the lead to create, maintain and deliver geospatial data and metadata for their external clients, in real time. It has announced setting up of a SDI called Kerala State Spatial Data Infrastructure (KSSDI).

Satellite mapping for slum free Mumbai

Mumbai would soon have satellite mapping and land audit to avoid encroachments on open spaces, as per the Maharashtra government’s mission to make the financial capital slum-free.

Land cover map of Antartica

Chinese scientists from the country’s 26th Antarctic expedition are expected to complete the world’s first land cover map of the Antarctica by the end of 2009. It will conduct wide range of field spectral collection to provide data for the map. It will show the distribution of key features on the continent, including sea ice, snow, blue ice, rocks, soil marshes, lakes and ice crevasse. The map will provide more accurate ground parameters for scientists to forecast global change or global warming with climate system models and also important data for detection on the change of Antarctica land cover in a long run.

Legal battle over web based mapping patent

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and a dozen more US based companies that offer web based mapping applications are being sued by WebMap Technologies for infringement of a US patent called Method and Apparatus for Collecting and Expressing Geographically Referenced Data. The patent from 2004 was originally assigned to Cornell Research Foundation and National Audubon Society. WebMap Technologies claims to be the only licensee of the patent and alleges in the complaint that Google has known about the potential infringement for some time before the suit was filed.

New global digital topographic map

NASA and Japan have released a new digital topographic map covering more of the globe and in more detail than any previous global digital elevation map. Nearly 1.3 million individual stereo-pair images collected by the Japanese Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) provided the bases for the global DEM of Earth.

World Ocean Database 2009

NOAA released the World Ocean Database 2009, the largest and the most comprehensive collection of scientific information about the oceans with records dating as far back as 1800.

Lawsuit against Google

Swiss Organisation for the protection of privacy intends to file a lawsuit against Google’s Street View serviceas it is not hiding the faces of people in their photographs of Swiss cities.

Free online OS map data

Ordnance Survey (OS) map data will be available online free of cost to everybody from 2010. It will allow people to interpret public statistics about crime, health and education by postcode, local authority or electoral boundary.

Call for Participation the OGC

OGC has issued a RFQ/CFP for the OGC Web Services, Phase 7 (OWS-7) Interoperability Initiative, a testbed to advance OGC’s open interoperability framework for geospatial capabilities.

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