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GIS ILWIS migrates to open source

The Integrated Land and Water Information System (ILWIS, http:// is a PC-based GIS & Remote Sensing software, developed by ITC. The ITC directorate has recently decided to make current ILWIS software free of charge and to migrate it as such to open source software under the 52° North initiative. Leading research organizations in the ?eld of geoinformatics (ifgi, conterra, ITC, ESRI) participate in 52° North’s innovative development for establishing open spatial data infrastructures (SDI) and transformation of these into practical technological solutions.

Vietnam to develop computerised land management system

VietNamNet Bridge The World Bank (WB) has helped Vietnam train land surveying and technical mapping managerial staff in preparation for a project to build a Land Information System. Capital for the project will be allocated from the WB’s Of?cial Assistance Development. Under the VLAP, a computerised and easily accessible land information service system will be set up with equitable services for people from all walks of life.

Web GIS launched for Rural Roads of Rajasthan and HP

The largest ever Rural Road development project (expected cost around $26 billion) in India, Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) has hosted web GIS for Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh to provide transparency in implementation of in implementation of this project and providing interactive spatial information to citizens as well as of?cials for monitoring and management of works. Web GIS software GRIMMS-Web is designed to run various spatial queries related with rural road, habitations, work progress etc and also provides various GIS functionality. It can be accessed at


Southern Water to prepare detailed geographic data

The upgrade to a full corporate GIS using a single repository of spatial data has allowed Southern Water to take maximum advantage of Ordnance Survey’s range of ?agship mapping data. The company undertook a major exercise to improve the quality and accuracy of its own geographical data based on the Ordnance Survey Positional accuracy improvement (PAI) programme. It has given Southern Water, which provides water and sewage services to 4 million people, enhanced and more consistent accuracy in the mapping of rural areas while improving the relationship between Ordnance Survey 1:2500 scale map data and Southern Water’s own GPS-positioned information.

CenterPoint Energy Selects ArcGIS Image Server

Using ESRI’s ArcGIS Image Server, CenterPoint Energy now bene?ts from high-performance, on-the-?y image processing that helps decision making and boosts productivity. ArcGIS Image Server provides for rapid deployment of imagery for multiple simultaneous users. The application is initially being used by clients in Minnesota, but will soon be made available to all CenterPoint Energy employees in the seven states it serves.

Mumbai Police Implement Command and Control System

Mumbai Police, has implemented the Intergraph Corporation’s Incident Command and Control System. The shall serve as the foundational technology for the security systems of high-value assets and critical infrastructure in the public safety, government and transportation industries. It will help identify the location of a ?xed line to Dial 100 emergency call, on a map of Mumbai city. The system also provides detailed information of any emergency event. While the emergency call details are being registered, operators can also quickly locate the nearest police patrol vehicle to the reported incident site with help of this location-aware technology.

5 year plan for precise level of the geoid development plan of Korea

Korean National Geographic Information Institute (NGII) announced the 5 years plan for precise (cm) level Geoid Development for which the Institute have established physical yearly plan as below to build it through 2007 to 2011. FY 2007 Land gravity survey (1200 points on Bench Mark Lacoste & Romberg and Scintrex relative gravimeter)

Europe and China collaborate on monitoring the Earth’s vegetation

European and Chinese scientists recently met to discuss issues relating to monitoring the Earth’s vegetation by means of multi-angular hyperspectral remote sensing, in combination with measurements of emission of radiation by soil and vegetation. The proposed technique makes use of solarre ?ected sunlight, its spectral change due to various constituents present in plants in combination with its directional dependence on canopy structure. SEMNONO2UXE_index_0.html

ICIMOD inaugurated its country of?ce in Afghanistan

ICIMOD has inaugurated its country of?ce in Afghanistan, located at the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Department of Forest, Kabul.

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