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NSDI in India: A dream being pursued


National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in India happens to be a long journey.

For many it is a time consuming process to be dealt with patience and perseverance. Some perceive it as an endless journey.

It started in 2001.

There were moments of euphoria and hype. There were promises made, that remain unfulfilled. There were moments of desperation and despair too.

There were debates on ‘spatial’ or ‘geo-spatial’. There were issues about leadership and ownership. At times it appeared as an agenda driven by a few enthusiasts. At times it seemed as a policy being sincerely pursued.

At times I wonder what drives it and what stops it.

However, I know what encourages it are the visible changes in attitude, temperament and mindsets.

The National Informatics Centre, Government of India is organizing NSDI-V during December 18-21, 2005 at Hyderabad, India. On the occasion, Coordinates narrates the story of NSDI in India.

There are assurances again.

It is yet to be seen whether it is a dream envisioned by a few or a reality to benefit many.

What is important that the journey continues…

It may be slow but must be firm and positive.


Bal Krishna, Editor




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