GNSS 2005

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The International Symposium on GPS/GNSS was held in Hong Kong 2005 during 8-10 December 2005. The symposium was organized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and sponsored by Trimble, Leica, Topcon, Spirent and Star Vision, GPS World, GIM International and Coordinates. The symposium was atteended by more than 200 delegates all across the world and round 150 papers were presented in the symposium. There were very interesting presentation on development and trend of GNSS by the leading experts. Some of the key speakers were Vidal Ashkenazi, Nottingham Sceintific Ltd, UK; Per Enge, Stanford University, USA; Ronald Hatch, NavCom technology, USA; M E Cannon, Canada. Dr Vidal gave a brief overview of the current and developing GNSS scene. Prof Enge deliberated upon the augmentations of GPS and Galileo. Prof Jingnan Liu made a presentation on “Frame and construction of integrated satelite navigation system in China.”

There was session on CGSIC where presentations were made by John Wilde, CGSIC Deputy Chair for International Affairs; Matt Blizard, NAVCEN USCG; Jim Miller, US DoT; Rebecca Casswell, USCG; Dan Hanlon, FAA; Don Sinnott, Chairman Australian GNSS Coordination Committee; Hiroshi Nishiguchi, Japan GPS Council; Sang Joeng Lee, Chungnam National University. In the ensuing panel discussion experts discussed a range of issues from confl ict, complementarity and compatibilities of GPS and Galileo in an interactive discussion. The panel was chaired by Prof Yongqi Chen. There were many technical sessions on various topics including GNSS/INS integration, atmospheric
effects, timing, RTK positioning, Network infrastructure, etc.



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