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Galileo Satellite Platform tests under way The engineering model of the first Galileo satellites has completed platform integration tests at the Thales Alenia Space facility in Rome, reports ESA. The platform is now undergoing functional testing. Delivery of the engineering model payload from Astrium UK is expected this month. These tests are an important step towards building and launching the first four Galileo satellites. Integration testing…

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It appears that big talk and promises about the technologies (GIS et al) have still not carried weight and conviction with the user – organizations, the ultimate beneficiary of the productivity of the modern technologies. The spatial solutions have still not reached these organizations like urban development authorities. Land Information Technologies (LIT) have not delivered spatial solutions as a matter of routine or policy…

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says Dr Bradford W Parkinson, Chief Architect of Global Positioning System

Dr Bradford W Parkinson

Chief Architect of Global Positioning System

Dr Parkinson oversaw the Global Positing System (GPS) program from conception through development and verification as the first GPS Program director and is best known as the ‘father of GPS’.He received his BS in general engineering …

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The paper proposes basic concepts how to realize the Secure and Safety Tracking System (special for food, food material) between different countries

As the world becomes a smaller place, countries are becoming more dependent on each other in many fields. Goods like industrial products, food and other materials are easily exported and imported …