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SuperGIS Server 3.3

The new to be released GIS server from Supergeo, SuperGIS Server 3.3, is a product designed to meet the modern technologies in client side applications. One of the major upgrades will focused on the Ultra application, which will support both PC web browsers and mobile web browsers. The default web application built with SuperGIS Server 3.3 will allow users to view and interact with the map both on PC and mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

Digitization of land records in final phase in Patna, India

A team of European experts of GIS Consortium India Private Limited reached Patna for the final phase of aerial photography of the land as a part of digitization project of land records in the state. Revenue and land reforms department sources said land records in Bihar were last updated between 1888 and 1915. The project is under the Digital India National Land Record Modernization Programme and its expenses are borne by the central government. Bihar is the first state in the country where aerial photography project for land reforms has been initiated.

GIS mapping, drones to help Railways protect land

The Delhi Division of the Railways is taking the hi-tech route to manage its fixed assets in the National Capital Region. From GIS mapping of its vacant land to aerial survey of its railway station through drones, the Railways is adopting state-ofthe- art technology for asset and project management. The Railways has developed a web-based application, Land Management Module, and the pilot project will start in Delhi. The GIS mapping of all Railway land in Delhi will help the authorities in curbing the menace of encroachments.

“Through the use of this state-of-the-art technology, we will get to know where are the encroachments and how they are spreading,” according to Arun Arora, Divisional Railway Manager, Delhi.

The main use of GIS mapping, however, will be for project management, Mr. Arora said. He said that apart from GIS mapping, “drone surveys” too will soon start in Delhi to help with big-ticket projects. He said the use of camera-fitted drones will help railway officials get an imagery of the projects at a scale that is not possible manually. Another major use of drones will be for redevelopment of old railway stations like old Delhi and Hazrat Nizamuddin.

Maharashtra to launch satellitemapping, digitisation of rural land

Over 150 years after the last comprehensive survey of land across Maharashtra was launched, the state government will undertake satellite mapping of rural land and digitisation of these maps. The survey will initially be launched initially in six districts — Raigad, Pune, Amravati, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Nashik. It will eventually cover the entire 3.07 lakh square km area of Maharashtra. Of this, 2.85 lakh sq km area comprise the rural areas. The land records reform project will help the transition from the current system, under which only a presumptive title of land is provided, to one where title is clear and ownership is guaranteed to reduce litigation and disputes.

GIS-based map protects children’s lives in Chiba

To protect primary school students from traffic accidents, the Chiba prefectural police in Japan have distributed commuting route maps among schools, indicating spots where students have been injured or killed in traffic accidents. The initiative is rare, but the maps have been used to raise awareness and have been effective in protecting children from traffic accidents on the way to and from school. The prefectural police have compiled a database of traffic accidents resulting in injury or death since 2001, and have accumulated data on accident locations and weather, as well as who was involved in the accidents. With the GIS, users can check different kinds of data on their computer by pointing their cursor to spots where accidents have happened.

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