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GPS IC shipments forecast for 2010

According to ABI research GPS IC shipment growth should see a 30% increase. The unabated interest in GPS-enabled smartphones during the recession has been a life-saver for the GPS IC industry, and future growth will be fuelled by the integration of GPS in feature phones across Europe and Asia.

Bahrain joins global tracking system

Bahrain has become the first Arab state to tap into a global ship-tracking system using GPS and other navigation technologies. It will be helpful to better track its own growing fleet of vessels round the globe, within an estimated 1,000 miles of its coastal frontiers. Implementation of the Long Range Identification and Tracking of ships system was deemed obligatory by the International Maritime Organization, of which Bahrain is a member.

A new era for European Navigation begins

Mr Antonio Tajani, VP, European Commission, Transport Policy, has announced the official start of operations for EGNOS, the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service. This is a major milestone for the project: its primary service is now available to all users equipped with EGNOScompatible receivers.

First U.S. Ground-Based Augmentation System

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved Honeywell’s Smartpath Precision Landing System, clearing the way for increased safety and efficiency at airports by providing precise navigation service based on GPS. It located in Memphis, Tennessee, and will become operational early next year.

Boeing advances security upgrade for GPS Ground Control System

Boeing has completed developmental system testing on the U.S. Air Force’s GPS satellite ground control system, known as the Operational Control Segment (OCS), for the addition of a critical new security capability. The test demonstrated that the Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) software upgrade meets all contractual system requirements. SAASM is designed to protect GPS receivers against fake satellite signals sent by adversaries.

GPS handsets a threat to PND market

The PND market is showing signs of maturity as price points decline sharply, consolidation occurs, and shipment growth slows, reports In-Stat. In addition, the increasing competition from GPSenabled mobile phones represents the most significant threat the PND market will face.

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