March 2020  
Challenges for validation of automated driving for GNSS Martin Grzebellus | Living Structure Down to Earth and Up to Heaven: Christopher Alexander Bin Jiang | Smart total stations in land surveying activity Glenford V. D’Souza | Fourteenth meeting of the ICG
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Challenges for validation of automated driving for GNSS
Martin Grzebellus
Automotive industry will deploy vehicles equipped for automated driving. One main challenge at the time being is the validation of the intended functionality with required level of safety. The absolute position as a prerequisite today only is provided via GNSS for which no trace back to SI units exists. Therefore, today everybody is looking for a reliable way to assure integrity of provided position...


Living structure down to earth and up to heaven: Christopher Alexander
Bin Jiang
This paper is intended to defend living structure as a physical phenomenon, and a mathematical concept, clarifying some common questions and misgivings surrounding Alexander’s design thoughts, such as the objective or structural nature of beauty, building styles advocated by Alexander, and mysterious nature of his concepts. This paper helps people understand why beautiful things are beautiful, and why ugly things are ugly, through the underlying living structure. Living structure is to beauty what temperature is to warmness. We present here the first part of the paper or the down to earth part. The second part or the up to heaven and concluding part will be published in April issue....


Smart total stations in land surveying
Glenford V. D’Souza
The technological modernization and operational benefits offered by Total Stations make it the foremost preferred; they add ease and accuracy to the surveying process...

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