JANUARY 2019  
Navigation: Trend and challenges John Pottle; Jiwon Seo; Simon Gaskin; Steve Hickling and Guy Buesnel; Yasuo Arai | Digital elevation models based on the topographic maps Mirmakhmudov Erkin, Gulyamova Lola and Juliev Muhiddin | Technology Trends - 'Geospatial industry must focus on making big data more useful' Boris Skopljak | Interview "There is a serious threat to GPS" - Prof Bradford Parkinson
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"There is a serious threat to GPS"
Says Prof Bradford Parkinson, Chief Architect for GPS and PNT Advisory Board 1st Vice Chair, while discussing the Ligado proposal. He shares his views on the wide range of issues related to GNSS in an interview with Coordinates....
Trends and challenges of Navigation
Prof Yasuo ARAI, John Pottle, Steve Hickling, Guy Buesnel, Simon Gaskin and Jiwon Seo
Experts share their opinion on the trends and challenges in satellite navigation at 16th International Association of Institutes of Navigation (IAIN) World Congress 2018, Chiba Japan during 28 November - 01 December. Some of the views are presented here....
Digital elevation models based on the topographic maps
Building elevation models by interpolating digital contours from topographic maps has its disadvantages. This is a hard work and this does not have enough satisfactory modeling accuracy. This article focuses on the technology of creating a digital elevation model (DEM) with the help of GIS...

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