November 2021  
"We are trying to revive Geodesy in India" Maj Gen (Dr) B.Nagarajan | Satellite Based Assessment of the Damage Caused by Tauktae Cyclone in Gir Protected Area India,C P Singh, C Patnaik, A Das, M R Pandya and B K Bhattacharya | Spatial dependencies in land use and irrigation access in Northern Peru Eduardo Zegarra | Package of ITU-R Recommendations on RNSS systems agreed by ITU-R Study Group 4 Nelson Malaguti | Animal mapping and ecology Volker Janssen
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"We are trying to revive Geodesy in India"
Maj Gen (Dr) B.Nagarajan
Unlike rest of the countries in the world, for some inexplicable reasons, the science of Geodesy was treated as restricted and was taught and practiced only in Survey of India in our country, though this subject is the mother of all geosciences...


Satellite based assessment of the damage caused by Tauktae cyclone in Gir protected area
Dr C P Singh,C Patnaik,A Das,Dr M R Pandya And Dr B K Bhattacharya
Cyclone 'Tauktae' hit the Gujarat coast, India on May 17, 2021, which affected the Gir National Park, a wildlife sanctuary for Asiatic lions. In order to do a quick assessment of the affected area, a suite of optical and microwave satellite datasets were analysed for pre and post cyclone periods ...


Spatial dependencies inland use and irrigation access in Northern Peru
Eduardo Zegarra
In this study spatial models are estimated for irrigated land in Northern Andes of Peru considering geographic, climate and socio-economic factors. Most geographic variables show significant coefficients an d expected signs....


Humorous science: Animal mapping and ecology
Volker Janssen
This paper highlights amusing research related to the animal kingdom, improving our understanding of animal behaviour, ecology and conservation, often by employing spatial tools and innovative approaches to data collection and analysis....

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