May 2018
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Quality Property Information: A critical success factor
Anders Svensson
The Swedish approach to Property Information 2025, has an objective that information quality can meet the requirements from both the society in general, for the built environment as well as to secure the rights for property owners...


Package of approved ITU-R Recommendations on RNSS systems
All these ITU-R recommendations provide characteristics and protection criteria for generic types of RNSS receiving earth and space stations...

Robotization of precise levelling measurements
The central idea of the proposed method is that robots move and control levelling instruments and rods. The observer’s work is helped in the aiming of rods and the recording of observations...

Realization of a functional photorealistic 3D city GIS
Dr Njike CHIGBU, Maduabughichi OKEZIE And Veronica U. OKOYE
In this paper we present a quality realization of a functional photo-realistic 3D City Geographical Information System of a university campus using Google Sketchup and Arcscene technologies.The realized 3D photorealistic model does not only present the photo-realistic visualization of the objects but also incorporates the objects, semantics, spatial, thematic and aspatial attributes...

Geospatial land governance and management
Madan Mohan
The present research discover the people’s role in land governance and management, and also to see the historical background of land governance in the country, India. We present here the first part of the ...

Industry news
GNSS update

Your survey solution – MicroSurvey CAD 2018 !   EU should keep Britain in Galileo space project despite Brexit

Trusted results at a single keystroke – EZSURV   Galileo: UK plan to launch rival to EU sat-nav system

Robustness, Quality, Ease of Use with outstanding price! – GEOMAX   GLONASS becomes financially self-sufficient

Handheld devices for mobile applications by Hemisphere GNSS   DT Research’s new military grade tablet has RTK GNSS

US Geological Survey selects Hexagon   IRNSS-1I up in space

Xsens INS module uses GNSS for positioning   They have a civilian and a restricted military/security application.

Hi-Target GNSS Receiver iRTK5 claims Red Dot Design Ward 2018   ISRO’s clock to prop up India’s own GPS

Phase One Innovates UAVbased Aerial Imagery   Beidou system helps with spring plowing

First worldwide marketplace for Land Surveying Instruments   New DARPA challenge seeks flexible and responsive launch solutions

Optech Galaxy for Mountain and Forestry Surveying   Galileo ground segment keeps constellation on track

New field solutions by Trimble for land and construction surveying   Marine positioning GNSS receiver by Trimble
UAV news
First counter drone technology by IXI EW   KORE and Telarus partner to drive wireless and IoT

Foremost UAS test range acquires integrated drone airspace management system Spatial DNA joins acuity’s atrius iot partner program

First UAS and Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) certified by UL   Alibaba confirmed as developing self-driving vehicles

Singapore plans to beef up laws governing drone use   European countries sign a declaration of co-op on AI

India’s Mahindra teams with Aeronautics on naval UAVs   HOZON Auto launches research center in silicon valley

New joint effort boosts drone standards for public safety officials   Findyr merges with Analytics and Machine Learning Experts

13 member Task Force in India for fast-tracking UAV technology   IAI developing autonomous vehicles
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