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Sea level change - An inconvenient fact or an irritating fiction?
John Hannah

Claims that sea level has not risen significantly over the last 150 years and, indeed, should not be expected to do so over the next 100 years can be safely disregarded... [more]


Sea Level Changes in the 19-20th and 21st centuries
Nils-Axel Mörner

I have read the paper by Hannah (this volume), and I arrive at a totally opposite conclusions, viz. that there is no indication what so ever of a recent sea level acceleration, and that it is the high rates around 3 mm/yr that should be "safely disregarded"... [more]


  Best practices in surveying
Frank Derby
Best practices in surveying are not limited to field procedures and accuracy requirements but must include professionalism and ethics. This paper will look at essential best practice approaches for achieving desired quality surveying products and establishing integrity among peers and clients...


Mapping India on large scales – A quick and viable solution
Krishna Kumar Naithani
A simplified approach for GPS assisted densifi cation of leveling network for high-accuracy large-scale mapping without a geoid...

GIS mapping to determine river pollution
Mujtaba Baqar, Muhammad Arslan and Asim Mahmood
The study focuses on the incorporation of GIS mapping to indicate the status of pollution in the sketch of River Ravi downstream to the wastewater outfalls in Pakistan...

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Gain perspective in real-world GNSS simulation

Exelis successfully tests GPS threat detection product

Trimble New InSphere Data Marketplace

Down Under and on Top with the New Spectra SP80

Dual-Frequency Pinwheel Antenna for Optimal Positioning

'We have you covered from all angles'

London’s Station uses Leica GeoMoS

IFEN launches SX3 software receiver

UnicoreComm GPS/BeiDou units

SBG Systems Ellipse – more accurate, more robust, more features

RIEGL VZ - 2000 high speed 3D Laser Scanner with online waveform processing

Esri Brings Analytics to Urban Modeling for Smarter City Planning

'Z+F - How we build reality'


Rockwell tracks Galileo signal with secure software receiver
Rockwell Collins has successfully received and tracked a Galileo satellite signal using a prototype GNSS receiver designed for secure military use. In 2013, Rockwell Collins received a $2 million contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the GPS Directorate to develop and demonstrate a Secure Software Defined Radio (S-SDR) GNSS receiver capability...[more]

ESA releases diagrams showing Galileo 5 and 6 Orbit
The fifth and sixth Galileo satellites have been in a safe state since August 28, under control from ESA’s center in Darmstadt, Germany, despite having been released on August 22 into lower and elliptical orbits instead of the expected circular orbits...[more]

EU Agencies start work on cohesive GNSS plan for Europe
The European Global Navigation Satellite System Agency (GSA)– which operates and maintains Egnos, Europe’s Waas equivalent–and Eurocontrol signed a new cooperation agreement under which they will jointly implement...[more]

IRNSS Interface Control Document released by ISRO

Mars Orbiter Spacecraft Successfully Inserted into Mars Orbit

Russian Transport Ministry authorized to create ERA-GLONASS system

Samsung Offers Gear S Smart Watch with GPS + GLONASS

Broadcom unveils low-power GNSS chip for mobiles

Program for printing 3D maps for the blind

SuperPad assists Public Works Planning in Liberia

Nigeria okays N485 Trillion Infrastructure Master Plan

Thailand land survey to be ten times faster

Indonesia launches open data portal

Roscosmos active in lifting embargo on sub-metre imagery

India to develop remote sensing satellites with China

Drone wireless Internet in New New Mexico by Google


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