Educating surveyors: Some of the challenges
John Hannah
There have been some fundamental challenges that seem to be an ongoing part of academic life in any professional school. Few of them are like maintaining a strong financial foundation, raising the academic entry levels, building research capability, maintaining an appropriate curriculum, seem to confront many university surveying programs in the world...
Improving cadastral survey procedures using crowd sourcing techniques
Sofia Basiouka and Chryssy Potsiou
The scope of this paper is to present the first practical experiments which were carried out in Greece in an effort to engage VGI to Cadastre. The researchers'aim is to clarify the strengths and the weaknesses of a real involvement of volunteers in Cadastre...

Key demands for sustainable land administration
Stig Enemark
Sustainable land governance must respond to three key demands - Government/society should be spatially enabled; the spatial framework should be fit for purpose; Land Governance should support global agenda...


Continuity of the Pasaia Tide Gauge measurements
Miguel J Sevilla, Joaquin Zurutuza and Adriana M Martin
In this work, the stations description, the first results obtained with four years of tide gauge measurements, the evaluation of the altimetry link campaigns and the comparison of the levels of different measurements are detailed. The statistical analysis of four years of records is provided as well...
Low cost optimized GNSS application
Dr Ivo Milev
The benefit of low cost GNSS applications is brilliantly described and taken in focus in the targets and working groups of United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), which is the UN's offi ce responsible for promoting international cooperation in the peaceful use of outer space...



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JAVAD GNSS improves GNSS filter designs, components

Outback MAX with ConnX by Hemisphere GPS

CHC Navigation opens Canadian service center

Trimble introduces new compact OEM GNSS receiver module

IQ Wide Format Scanner Series, MFP Solutions by Contex

New Leica Zeno GG03

New OEM Version NovAtel's PinwheelTM GNSS Antenna

Gexcel Srl releases Vehicle MountedFully Automated Scanning

CBx5 Touch-Screen Control Boxfrom Carlson Machine Control

F4 forest inventory solution

Altus Positioning Systems tosupply GNSS Survey receivers


EC ensures funding for Galileo, EGNOS till 2020
Industry Committee Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) approved new legislation to ensure that Europe's two satellite navigation systems - Galileo, the European GPS system, and the EGNOS programmes for improving GPS signal quality - can be funded and operated from 2014 to 2020. Two other Galileo services will be available from 2014: the Open Service and the Commercial Service - launched last year...[more]

Galileo Agency inaugurates new Seat, to endorse new responsibilities
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) officially opened its new headquarters in Prague last week after its staff relocated from Brussels during the summer. This new location is symbolically expressing its growing operational responsibilities. As a direct consequence the staff of the GSA is expected to grow from 60 people today to more than 180 in 2020...[more]

Procurement of QZSS Ground Segment By Japanese Cabinet

India's heaviest satellite GSAT-10 launched

Spirent solution to reveal differences in performance of leading smart-phones

Global LBS Market 2011-2015

British Geological Survey Maps the World with 3D Laser Mapping

OGC adopts net CDF enhanced data model extension standard

Sri Lanka, UN to improve disaster management through Open Data

NASA ER-2 aircraft helping to test new science instruments

RaLi - mobile lidar for rail

China to promote drones for marine surveillance

First Images from SPOT 6 Satellite


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