July 2018
Safety and Security Needs of Marine Navigation Ahmad Faizal AHMAD FUAD, Mohd Sharifuddin AHMAD, Mohd Naim FADZIL and Noor Apandi OSNIN | An Automated Method for Street Floor Detection Arshad Husain, Dhaval Mehta and R C Vaishya | Future national geospatial agencies: contributing to the society and the sustainable development goals John Kedar, Kimberley Worthy, James Darvill and Victoria Giddings | INTERVIEW David Last | CONFERENCE UN Argentina Workshop
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Safety and security needs of marine navigation
Ahmad Faizal AHMAD FUAD, Mohd Sharifuddin AHMAD, Mohd Naim FADZIL And Noor Apandi OSNIN
The objective of this study is to review the function of Pisang Island lighthouse and to propose the most relevant use of Pisang Island for current navigational needs. The function of the lighthouse was reviewed according to the IALA Navigational Guide and the AIS data image...


Future national geospatial agencies: contributing to the society and the SDGs
John Kedar, Kimberley Worthy, James Darvill And Victoria Giddings
The paper argues that NMGAs do have a future if they adapt. The increasing reliance on location, from delivery of SDGs to the internet of things, is an opportunity. Managing the fundamental geospatial data layer, fit for purpose, maintained and trusted, underpins the integration of all spatial data and allows better decisions and efficient delivery and operations...

"The threats of interference, jamming and spoofing are real and serious"
says Professor David Last, Consultant Engineer and Expert Witness in an interview with Coordinates while sharing his views on a range of issues pertaining to GNSS technology... [more]

Industry news
GNSS update

Qinertia - 'The Next-generation INS/GNSS Post processing software'   Russia launches Glonass-M navigation satellite

ONPOZ - GNSS Post-Processing made easy!   LABSAT 3 Wideband: The most powerful LabSat yet!

Oscilloquartz launches enhanced PRTC solution for 5G network timing   Next European satellite navigation competition is sure to deliver innovation

First 3D laser scanner with automatic in-field pre-registration by Leica   China's plans to upgrade its Beidou navigation satellite system

Broadgnss releases high precision GPS receiver   Four more Galileo satellites launch scheduled for July 25

H2H leveraging EGNSS for safer maritime navigation   DARPA pursuing global positioning system alternatives

Mapbox’s new SDK helps developers build smart AR navigation apps   FAA now has better, more precise GPS coverage across US

Telit launches GNSS integrated antenna receiver modules   SamyoungPNT to provide applanix products and solutions in S. Korea

Harris Corporation delivers fifth GPS III satellite navigation payload   Galileo to receive Orolia atomic clocks

Concept3D interactive map and virtual tour platform   SES gets Galileo services contract

Mapping for the city of the future   Britain can have access to Galileo after May's threats

Safran reveals Geonyx inertial navigation system for assured PNT   Trimble catalyst now supports glonass
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