February 2018
Technology trends: From GPS to multi-constellation GNSS Guy Buesnel | Academic drift and surveying education Garfield young | Assessment of accuracy of basic maneuvers performed by an UAV during autonomous flight Pawel Cwiakala | Innovations and new standards for mapping of villages in Indonesia Fahmi Amhar, BamBanG Riadi, Fachrul Hidayat and Tia Rizka Nuzulara Rachma | GNSS education: Prospects and challenges Mia FiliC and Renato Filjar, Kosasih Prijatna and Dudy D Wjaya, Ashley Brooks, Mourad Bouziani and Dinesh Manandhar | INTERVIEW Takeyasu Sakai
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Academic drift and surveying education
Dr Garfield Young
There must be a deliberate strategy to guard against academic drift in surveying/geomatics education while not diminishing the great value of engendering the development of generic critical thinking and problem-solving skills and scientific enquiry among the privileged individuals who are able to access higher education...
GNSS education: prospects and challenges
Mia Filic, Renato Filjar, Kosasih Prijatna, Dudy D Wijaya, Ashley Brooks, Mourad BOUZIANI and Dinesh Manandhar
Academicians share their views and experiences on the prospects and challenges of GNSS education and suggest the way forward...

Assessment of accuracy of basic maneuvers performed by UAV
In the paper a field base for testing the accuracy of positioning unmanned aerial vehicles has been presented, as well as a set of basic tests allowing to define the parameters of accuracy in particular mission scenarios. This result is most likely related to the systematic shift of the UAV coordinates determined using GNSS technology. When calculating these parameters, such systematic errors are eliminated. This thesis is confirmed by the results for distance deviation and repeatability..

Innovations & new standards for mapping of villages in Indonesia
Fahmi Amha, Bambang Riadi, Fachrul Hidayat And Tia Rizka Nuzula Rachma
The result of this study is that village development requires large-scale maps of up to 1: 5,000 but does not require the geometric quality prevalent on topographic map of 1: 5,000...

"7-satellite constellation is planned to be implemented in around 2023"
says Takeyasu SAKAI, Principal Researcher, Navigation Systems Department, Electronic Navigation Research Institute, National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology, Japan while sharing the status and prospects of QZSS and MSAS...

Industry news
GNSS update

Independently certified eCall test solution by Rohde & Schwarz   China teams up with U.S. firms to build aviation navigation database

Tersus GNSS RTK board launched for OEMs, system integrators   Significant improvement over current spatial navigation tests

RIEGL’s Line of UAV Lidar Sensors   Clemson researchers aim to stop cyber criminals from GPS hacking

Aiming at the future together! - PENTAX   NASA tests X-ray-based “Space-GPS” navigation system

BeiDou Phase 3 Signals added to Spirent’s GNSS RF Constellation Simulators   China sends twin BeiDou-3 navigation satellites into space

iXblue to provide navigation systems for French Navy frigates   NAVIC to guide fishing boat

Airbus selected by ESA for EGNOS V3 program   Space policy: Galileo Security Monitoring Centre back-up site moves to Spain

Applanix Introduces its Autonomy Development for Autonomous Vehicles   ComNav Technology releases new T300 Plus GNSS receive

Trimble Expands Mixed-Reality Portfolio   Location detection when GPS doesn’t work

FIG 2018 - See you in Istanbul!   Intel unveils first autonomous vehicle

UAV news
Other news
Belgocontrol to assist drone users   New noise maps created for the German Federal Railway

South African national drone association announces action plan for 2018 First research centre for 3D digital mapping at UNSW Sydney

Atlas Dynamics & Luxriot partnership   Ghana to develop a home-grown digital mapping system

Indian Railways to deploy drones to monitor projects   Fugro starts surveying Hail and Ghasha fields in UAE

DARPA working on collaborative autonomy for UAVs and Drones   INCOIS to create 3D maps of areas at risk of tsunami

Large-scale solar parks in Madhya Pradesh, India   Apple to expand its fleet of self-driving cars

NITI Aayog, India initiates the first course on Sustainable Urban Planning   ISRO launches 31 satellites, puts remote sensing Cartosat-2 into orbit

K Sivan takes charge as new ISRO chairman   Smart city cloud platform by Ford and autonomic
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