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Defining civil PNT requirements
John W Lavrakas
To support the expanding demands for PNT services into the future, civil PNT requirements need to be identified. Civil agencies and departments can do this by supporting a standardized set of terms for PNT services, and state their needs without regard to how they will be implemented. This method worked well for the US military in developing and fielding GPS.

MISSION 2020: Land Titling Project
P Misra
India needs Land Titling project ‘yesterday’! not tomorrow or day after. The project should be evolved in such a way that is not only ‘right’ but is ‘acceptable’ to all, especially rural people

GNSS support to canine search and rescue
José Caro and Manuel Prieto
osmografo® is a technological aid for search and rescue teams using rescue dogs. It provides addedvalue to expert rescuers in their operation and decision making process

Fuzzy strong tracking unscented Kalman filter
Dah-Jing Jwo, Fong-Chi Chung and Shih-Yao Lai
An alternative state estimation technique called the fuzzy strong tracking unscented Kalman filter has good potential as the GPS/INS navigation state estimation technique

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Javad ArcPad Extension

NGA awards 3 mega projects

ProMark 500 V4.0 GNSS receiver

RIEGL USA releases airborne laser scanner LMS-Q680i

Hemisphere’s new G100 GPS

Spot Image and Infoterra sign agreement with Google

Spirent introduces A-GLONASS testing for Mobile Devices

Topcon SurveyMaster Lite

Amity Int School wins 09-10 FCI 2020 Student Design Comp

VIAJEO for efficient transport planning

Siano’s MDT V receiver chip

DG WorldView-2 fully operational
SSTL to handle Galileo satellites
Surrey Satellite Technology has been selected by ESA to supply 14 navigation payloads for the deployment phase of the Galileo satellite navigation system. SSTL is teamed with OHB–System of Bremen, Germany for the provision of these fully operational satellites [more]

SES ASTRA awarded second Navigation Payload for EGNOS
SES ASTRA has been awarded a second contract by the EC to provide hosted payload services for EGNOS [more]

Major Galileo contracts signed
Mr René Oosterlinck, ESA’s Director of the Galileo Prog. and Navigation-related Activities, signed the first three contracts for the Galileo full operational capability phase[more]


GPS for ships in Philippine

Protest against govt’s stand on LORAN

China's next step towards building indigenous GNSS

GPS, 50th Space Wings continue improvement initiative

ISRO to launch Cartosat 2-B

US–Japan GPS co-op

NAVTEQ reveals data on state of Navigation

Location based AD in India

U.S. Army Geospatial Centre maps for Haiti

Survey camp at Nainital, India

Sri Lanka initiates own Space Agency

EPA strict on Eco-Crimes


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