Earthquake analysis by 3-D affine deformations
James L Farrell
Changes in coordinates at stations affected by earthquakes have been monitored successfully, for years, with precision using satellite navigation. Results of interest have then been produced in the past through processing the outcome by conventional means. Those methods can now be augmented by applying entirely different criteria: deformation states associated with affine transformations...

Cadastral reform project in South Korea
Kang Sang-Gu, Kim Kyung-Il and Kim Tae-Hoon
The main purpose of this research is to propose the establishment of cadastral reference network based on the WGRS, and to make a fundamental plan which is unified into one national reference point...


Outdoor Mobile Field Robot Navigation
Chung-Liang Chang, Bo-Han Wu and Yong-Cheng Huang
This paper proposes a low-cost field robot capable of short-range field navigation, obstacle avoidance, color identification and spraying. Multiple micro-electro-mechanical sensors (MEMs) and multiple micro-controllers using a multi-layer fuzzy logic decision scheme were integrated to guarantee the autonomy of the mobile robot. Readers may recall that first part of the paper was published in the previous issue of Coordinates. Concluding part is presented here...

The use of GIS to forecast tourism demand
Dr Adnan AL-Jaber
This study shows that the full potential of the Huff model has not been recognized yet. Running the proposed model’sprogress scheme is fast and practical and saves a lot of effort and money,only in case of compliance with the terms and objectives of the model in addition to the required level of details...


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NovAtel News

OEM Agreement between TI Asahi Co. Ltd. & Zoller + Froehlich GmbH

Unmanned…Unlimited by Trimble

RTCM Issues an Amendment of its Standard for differential GNSS

Small, ultra-high performance, nonGPS aided IMU

Rohde & Schwarz adds simulated satellite system to vector signal generator

Premium services for ArcGIS Online Users by DigitalGlobe and Esri

Complete software suite for survey, GIS and control by JAVAD

New FARO® CAM2® SmartInspect software

Cm level accuracy for Mobile GIS Applications by Septentrio

‘S320’ – Built Surveyor Tough!

New TruPulse Laser rangefinders by Laser Technology

Integrated GIS, Mapping receiver by Topcon


Galileo GNSS and EGNOS Use in the Mediterranean Basin
A EU funded consortium invites companies and public agencies from N. Africa and the Mid-East to submit ideas for extending Galileo GNSS & EGNO...[more]

ESA-Ground Station Endures Freak Weather
Engineers manning Galileo’s South Pacific ground station on New Caledonia found themselves marooned by heavy rains and a flash flood—though the station carried on operating regardless...[more]

Britain Now Sees Potential of PRS Signal aboard Galileo
The British government’s skepticism about the value of the encrypted, jam resistant signal on Galileo satellite constellation has given way to an embrace of the signal as a future revenue source for British industry....[more]

Galileo GNSS service centre opened in Spain
The European GNSS Service Centre was opened this month in Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain, and will give information on the status of the Galileo constellation...[more]

IRNSS-1A, India’s First Navigation Satellite successfully launched

US critical infrastructure sectors at risk from GPS

Russia to launch two GLONASS satellites after Proton disaster

GPS flaw could let terrorists hijack ships, planes

Precise GPS measurement finds 117 km difference in Indo-Nepal border

Pedestrian navigation solution in real-world setting by Movea

National cartography of Peru to be digitized

Indonesia promotes use of GIS for economic development

Poland to implement Geoportal 2

Ghana is developing national spatial planning framework

Federal Security Geospatial Portal launched in UAE

Pakistan approves Remote Sensing programme


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