August 2008

Survey and GIS: Finding the missing links Gary A Jeffress, Bruce Carlson, Gary R Kent, Matthew Smith, TN Wong |   Galileo E5 signal acquisition strategies   Nagaraj C Shivaramaiah, Andrew G Dempster |   |  The way we walk  Alexandra Millonig   |  Fuzzy logic approach for sustainable land use planning    Novaline Jacob and Krishnan R    |  Interviews     Julien Losseau , Rudolf W Matindas   |   ISPRS conference report


Galileo E5 signal acquisition strategies
Nagaraj C Shivaramaiah and Andrew G Dempster
A discussion on the complexity and problems with the Galileo E5 signal acquisition and different strategies to address these problems…  [more]

Surveying and GIS : Finding the missing link
Gary A Jeffres, Gary R Kent, Matthew Smith, Bruce Carlson and TN Wong

There still needs to be more dialogue between the GIS industry and the surveying profession so that each group better understands how cooperation can benefit all parties[more]

The way we walk
Alexandra Millonig
A current study applies an “across-method” triangulation approach for studying human spatial behaviour, combining localisation and tracking techniques as well as inquiries concerning intentions, lifestyle attributes and socio-demographic characteristics in order to define a pedestrian typology of mobility styles. [more]

Fuzzy logic approach for sustainable land use planning
Novaline Jacob and Krishnan R
Scientific approach which make use of analytical modeling techniques are essential to suggest suitable changesin land use and to generate action plan for an area for land and water resource development. This problem can be cast into a multi-objective multicriteria decision-making problem…  [more]

GISpro 2008 - Participate and harness the potential of geomatics in Vietnam

Under the direction of Ministry of Science and Technology; Ministry of Resources and Environment; Ministry of Education and Training; and Vietnam National University – HCMC, the GISpro 2008 - 14th international conference and exhibition on GIS, GPS Remote Sensing is scheduled to be held on October 21-23 in Hochiminh City and Vung Tau City, Vietnam. Come Join Us!! [more]

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

Leica GNSS QC and Spider V3.1

Software interoperability by Autodesk and Bentley

AAMHatch buys Intergraph DMC, opens office in KL

Trimble real-time corrections service

Hemisphere GPS new releases

u-blox chosen by Mobile Knowledge

Sanborn and Virtual Geomatics agreement

Spirent Federal GPS Simulator by Honeywell

Providing a new approach to digital aerial cameras

INTERGEO congress and trade fair

Intergraph new medium format Digital aerial camera
Vexcel Imaging develops the UltraCamL


Europe looks for intellectual GNSS expertise

The European Commission is adverstising for a ‘contractor’ that has extensive experience with project management of large projects [More]

Giove-B going good

During approximately two months of in-space testing, known as the In-Orbit Test (IOT) phase, the Giove-B navigation satellite has performed well Zh.M.Durau- Barroso. [More]

European satellite navigation competition

For the first time ESA us offering an Innovation prize as part of this year’s European Satellite Navigation Competition. [More]



SLA and MapKing launch free moblie StreetMap

Magellan to expand presence in Canada

MapmyIndia navigable map for 174 cities

Lenovo launches GPS-enabled laptops

Myanmar rice production regions monitored with GIS

Chinese GPS handset expected to grow rapidly

Space technology to monitor deforestation in Brazil

Geospatial technologies for poverty alleviation

Samsung SGH-i780 in India

Raytheon leads bidding on Indian satnav system

Micro satellite by IIT Kanpur

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