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Making surveying education relevant
Garfield Young, Martin J Smith, Roger Murphy
This paper examines how selected surveying/geomatics programmes address the issue of making their courses relevant to industry...

The challenges before surveyors and surveying
Ian Harper
The survey profession faces many challenges as technology provides new tools to represent the spatial outcomes ...

Surveying Education: A view from FIG
CheeHai Teo and Steven Frank
Surveying educators have the unenviable task of educating and shaping our next generation of professionals...


The Obama administration believes we must protect existing GPS users from disruption of the services they depend on today and ensure innovative new GPS applications can be developed in the future. At the same time, recognizing the President’s instruction to identify 500 MHz of spectrum for new mobile broadband services, we will continue our efforts at more efficient use of spectrum. - Anthony J Russo

Aerial and ground unmanned vehicles are shrinking in size requiring smaller navigation payloads. Just as low accuracy GPS chipsets have opened up an increasing number of new applications we predict that these centimeter accurate compact modules will allow innovators to develop applications not yet on the drawing board. - Ed Norse



  Controversy around LightSquared and GPS
The base stations of the LightSquared network will transmit signals in a radio band immediately adjacent to the GPS frequencies. The GPS community is concerned because testing has shown that LightSquared’s ground-based ransmissions overpower the relatively weak GPS signal from space...

The realization of geocentric datum for Brunei Darussalam 2009
Haji Mohd Jamil bin Hj Mohd Ali, Haji Mahadi bin Haji Mohamad Tahir, Kamaludin Omar, Khairul Anuar Abdullah, Dr Tajul Ariffin Musa, Rusli Othman
The GDBD2009 has been successfully established using the GPS technology, and by adopting the ITRF2005 at epoch 2009.45 and GRS80 as the reference ellipsoid. Its implementation will further encourage the use of GNSS/GPS positioning technology by various mapping related agencies...


LBS: GPS applications on cellular phone with geoid addition to height
Dadan Ramdani
The use of GPS in mobile phones became common and can be used for survey purposes GCP. Geoid Height is needed for the height usage information on the GPS height...

Design of NGIS: one size fits all type
Pramod K Singh
The overall design of National GIS seems to be ‘one size fits all’ type. Instead, it should be bottom up, citizen-centric, demand driven, information centric, and customized...

  Industry news   Galileo update   Other News
TRIUMPH-VS v1.6 released by JAVAD.

Pairing SPAN™ GNSS/INS technology with MEMS sensors solves many Integrator problems

Leica Cyclone 7.2 released

Trimble TerraSync - GIS Data Collection Software and new Compact OEM GNSS Modules

MicroSurvey® Releases FieldGenius®

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water deploys Bentley’s ProjectWise

CHC X91 GNSS receiver supports Christchurch earthquake relief

Blue Marble Desktop v2.3 features new metadata editor tool

Raytheon wins U.S. Navy Contract

Magellan Announces Trade-in Offer for GIS eXplorist Pro 10


Brussels Celebratory Launch Events
The launch of the two operational Galileo IOV (In-Orbit Validation) satellites on 20 October is a first in the history of the European Union. It is a moment to celebrate this unique and ambitious European collaboration... [more]

Logica to secure the Galileo satellite navigation programme
Logica has announced the signing of two new contracts for the European Galileo satellite navigation Full Operational Capability (FOC) programme... [more]

New Hope for European GNSS Downstream Industry Development
Galileo Services Association welcomes with enthusiasm the European Parliament Resolution of 7 June 2011 on “Transport applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems – short- and medium term EU policy”...[more]


50th Space Wing gains control of newest GPS Satellite

Air Force to replace GPS satellite

Glonass-M launch delayed

China to launch civil survey satellite

Pakistan expands RS satellite network

India to conduct undersea survey

Flood Hazard Zonation Maps by NRSC

USGS develops GIS data framework for Afghanistan

UniStrong holds 40% GIS market share in China

$4 Million for High-Tech Mapping Programme

France investigates Apple’s locationbased tracking services


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