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Experiences from world bank development support for land reform
Keith Clifford Bell
This paper discusses the World Bank support for sustainable land reform in East Asia, with particular emphases on initiatives in land governance, land development investment, tenure security, NSDI, e-government, land tax, spatial planning, disaster response and mitigation. Here is the first part...

Analysis of Internet-based GPS processing service
Harun Kenan Subasi And Reha Metin Alkan
In this study, the accuracy performance of internet-based online GPS processing service is analyzed. The results show that, coordinates are estimated between 1 cm and 22 cm accuracy level in position from all services. To get subdecimeter accuracy at least 2 hour data span is required...


GIS will be an important component of an information system required for critical nation-building
Dr K Kasturiragan
The Planning Commission and Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India conducted a workshop on National GIS on September 14, 2011 in New Delhi to discuss the National GIS vision document version 2 with all concerned involved and to formalize a national-level endorsement. Here are some of the issues highlighted by Dr K Kasturirangan, Member (Science), Planning Commission...


Innovation in archaeological documentation methods
Nurul Shahida BintiI Sulaiman, Zulkepli Bin Majid and Halim Bin Setan
In order to reconstruct history, archaeologists rely on all the unearthed evidence, such as man-made objects, which can be as small as tools and ornaments or as large as architectural residues (Xia, 2006). Thus, it is important to explore archaeological contrivance and record them in a systematic way.The available technologies and methodologies for digital recording of archaeological sites and objects are really promising...

  Industry news   Galileo update   Other News
Riegl VZ-400 to be used for South African road project

Mayrise Maps out UK street lighting Improvement

Maptek I-Site Studio 3.5

S320 GNSS survey solution and A31 Precision GPS Beacon Antenna

Harbor city of ancient Rome gets GNSS Coordinate System

GNSS Reference Network for Kosovo with Leica technology

NovAtel GPStation-6 GNSS

U.S. Army increases geospatial intelligence for warfighters with SOCET GXP

Spectra ProMark 800 GNSS receiver

Trimble Field Inspector version 2.1

Trident Analyst Software

ESRI Special Achievement Awards

Bentley invests in TEEC


SciSys wins satellite project contract
SciSys, the specialist supplier of bespoke software systems, IT based solutions and support services, has been awarded a contract to support the Full Operational Capability (FOC) Phase of Europe's Galileo System. This was achieved after successful completion of the European Union (EU) competitive dialogue process and final negotiations with Astrium UK as the prime contractor for the Galileo Ground Control Segment ... [more]

EP backs Commission on more secure Galileo services
The European Parliament approved the Commission's proposal on the Public Regulated Service access rules for Galileo...[more]

Thales Alenia Space ships first two Galileo satellites to launch site
Thales Alenia Space has shipped the first two flight model of a Galileo navigation satellite to Europe’s launch base in French Guiana. There they will undergo a final test campaign...[more]


Space Wing installs large software sustainment release

NOAA’s VDatum a Vital GIS tool for Safe navigational Products

High Precision GNSS Market Set to Increase Almost 100% by 2016

JAVAD and LightSquared partnership

OlivePad 2 to feature GLONASS

Abu Dhabi carries out GIS-based census

Nuance gives voice to Waze App for iPhone and Android

Navteq launches 3D visuals for navigation in India

Hertz to procure data from TomTom

MicroNav: Miniature INS with GPS

Indonesia develops NSDI using cloud

India's digitisation of land records


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