Geodesy: Out with the Old, In with the New Chris Rizos | Experiences from world bank development support for land reform Keith Clifford Bell | Improving the administration of marine and coastal spaces Michael Sutherland | Absolute sea level rise estimation using tide records and GPS observations Ahmed Shaker, Dalal Alnaggar, Abdallah A Saad and H Faisel | LightSquared and GPS Javad Ashjaee and John Pottle | Interview Phil Gabriel and Leocadia Zak | Download  your copy of Nov 2011 issue!


Out with the Old, In with the New
Chris Rizos
Geodesy is facing an increasing demand from science, engineering applications, the earth observation community, and society at large for improved accuracy, reliability and access to geodetic services, measurements and products. All countries, and all geospatial professionals can contribute. Our slogan should be "geodesy matters, now more than ever"...

Experiences from World Bank development support from land reform
Keith Clifford Bell
This paper discusses the World Bank support for sustainable land reform, focusing on the East Asia, with particular emphases on initiatives in land governance, land development investment, tenure security, NSDI, e-government, land tax, spatial planning, disaster response and mitigation. We have published the first part of the paper in last issue. We present here the second part of the paper..

Improving the administration of marine and coastal spaces
Michael Sutherland
A marine cadastre, preferably built on the multipurpose cadastre concept, is one such instrument that ideally can provide thematic and spatial data and information to support efficient decision making with regard to coastal and marine spaces...


"Our focus has always been on building products that can stand up to the most demanding environmental conditions"
Phil Gabriel
S320 is a great example of this. The extremely tough Lexan plastic used to build the S320 is the same material used in the manufacturing of hockey helmets. We understand that test environments and reallife conditions are not always the same That's why we built it to your specifications - Surveyor Tough. ...

Absolute sea level rise estimation using tide records and GPS observations
Dr Eng Ahmed Shaker, Dr Eng Dalal Alnaggar, Dr Eng Abdullah A Saad, Dr Eng H Faisel
The issue of redefining the Egyptian vertical geodetic datum and the existing problem of sea level rising has attained a great attention in the geodetic community...


NIIT University's M.Tech (GIS) Programme  
NIIT University is starting state of the art M.Tech (GIS) programme from February 2012. It will be a two year intensive programme designed for professionals having 2 or more years of relevant work experience. The programme will expose students to real life projects using
technologies that are current and industry relevant. On completion of the M.Tech programme, NU placement cell will share the profile of successful students with the leading GIS companies...[more]

  Industry news   Galileo update   Other News
Ultracam Eagle uses GNSS+Intertial from Trimble

Spirent News

Juniper Systems to manufacture Topcon Tesla

Backpacker Map Maker App for iPad by Trimble Outdoors

Intel buys Mobile Mapping Company for $350 million

Amberg Geotechnics:innovative surveying solution

Topcon establish new sale company

Hemisphere GPS and CLAAS announce OEM partnership

Leica News

Get improved 3D Visualization with Carlson Civil 2012

New Version of ArcGIS for iOS now available

FARO launches the New CAM2 Measure 10 Software

C-Nav announces 5cm precise positioning

iPhone 4S adds supports for GLONASS


Europe launches first Galileo satellite for first navigation system
Europe has taken a major step in its history by launching the first two operational Galileo satellites with a Soyuz launcher to reach their orbit at 23,000kilometres. From 2014, the new constellation will enable improved services ranging from more precise in-car navigation, effective road transport management, search and rescue services, more secure banking transactions as well as reliable electricity provision, which all rely heavily on satellite navigation technologies to work efficiently. The overall economic impact is estimated to be around 90 billion euro over the next 20 years ... [more]

True3D TM head up Display & Navigation System wins European Satellite Navigation Competition 2011
This year's best ideas and applications for the innovative use of satellite navigation were awarded recently. At the eighth annual European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC), Bavarian State Minister for Economic Affairs Martin Zeil honored the overall winner with a €20,000 cash prize. In addition, the winners for each of the 23 ESNC partner regions were selected from a record-setting 401 total submissions...[more]


GLONASS achieves accuracy upto 5 meters

India army could use Russian satellite navigation system

India NSG to wear GPS

MoD halts GPS jamming after safety complaints

Oxford researcher tests pilotless robot car

Phone app to ensure safety of women in India

3D mapping from C3 tech bought over by Apple

Navguard launches GPS app for BlackBerry

Genes and GPS used to map spread of Typhoid

Mobile LBS poised for massive growth in Japan

Geoeye receives contracts for more than $25mn

Bhuvan's data to be available for common users

India gets Web Map Service and maps at 1:10,000

DigitalGlobe wins U.S Govt Contract of $38m


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